Lucas is starting school in September, I still can’t quite get my head around how time has gone so fast. I feel like we have been incredibly lucky though, to have had the chance to spend the last 4 years together, without me going back to working full time and picking up work as a virtual assistant and nail technician around our routines. We’ve had some wonderful days out and although Lucas is definitely ready for school and is even counting down to it, I’m not sure what he will think of it when he realises it’s five days a week and he can’t have a day off to go to a coffee shop or play at the park! Trutex offered* to send us some of their uniform and Lucas was very eager to try it on.


Lucas is stood outside wearing a yellow polo shirt and navy trousers


Trutex have supplied high quality garments for over 150 years. Their heritage for quality gives them a leading edge in the market, providing the very highest standards of schoolwear and sportswear for school children.


Lucas is stood outside next to a yellow flower plant wearing yellow polo shirt smiling at camera


Their uniform is “Made to Last” and Trutex say it won’t be worn out, it will stand up to washing throughout a school year and the rough and tumble of daily school life.

I ordered Lucas a yellow polo shirt which is high quality and a soft and durable low pill fabric making them gentle on skin. It features a flat knit collar with front button fastening and short sleeves. It can also be tumble dried making it low maintenance. The polo shirts are available in an impressive 16 colours and from size 1-2 years to 3XL



We also got a navy crew neck sweatshirt. The sweatshirts are also available in an array of colours, 18 this time! They are available from size 1-2 years to 3XL, crew neck, v neck and cardigan. The sweatshirt is a soft and durable low pill fabric which helps keep colours looking newer and brighter for longer. It comes in a regular fit with strengthened seams to help withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life.


Lucas standing with the full uniform on smiling


To finish the uniform off we got navy trousers. The trousers are available in senior and junior styles. They are in classic fit, slim fit and sturdy fit so you can make sure you get the right fitting ones. I opted for the junior classic fit that are available in 5 colours. They feature a flat front style with a generous fit, and an elasticated back waistband. They come with robust side pockets and a stain resistant finish to prevent stubborn stains from taking hold, helping them to look new for longer. Ages 4-6 are pull on with a mock fly and age 7+ have a functioning zip fly.

Lucas absolutely loves his uniform and has proudly put it away until September. I am really impressed with he quality and the selection they have on their website. Trutex have very kindly offered to giveaway 3 items of school uniform for their site for eg 1 shirt, 1 jumper and 1 pair of trousers or 1 shirt, 1 cardigan and 1 dress. For your chance to win, enter below x

Trutex uniform


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90 Comments on Starting school with Trutex uniform – giveaway

  1. love trutex. I don’t get the option with my eldest daughter unfortunately as it all has to be bought from a specific place but I still get to choose with my youngest

  2. Great prize. Great brand. Children, parents, families want to be able to appear well groomed for First Day of School. Such a huge and memorable milestone for families to treasure.

    Sets an example / trend for future years :- Later paid employment. As may require a suit, uniform, etc.

  3. I always struggle to find school t-shirts in that colour for my daughter so glad I came across this on your blog 🙂

  4. My granddaughter starts Reception in September. The time has just flown and it seems like just yeasterday when she was a newborn baby.

  5. fantastic comp, this would save time and money, hard times when we think about uniform for next year when we’re still coping with this year lol!!

  6. With two of my children at school and growing out of uniform as fast as I can buy it, this would be very helpful!

  7. Trutex is the only option for me, both my girls have gone upto high school now, although we done have the option to shop around, the quality is amazing, my daughters blazer lasted a whole year – Wouldnt get that from a supermarket

  8. Fantastic prize count me in my boy is starting nursery and they wear uniform to get used to school my daughter Sheriah 6 needs new uniform too

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