What is a vegan diet? It is very popular these days, making it the diet of choice among millennials as well as individuals who are looking for a healthy change of pace. More and more people are switching to a vegan diet because of its benefits such as better overall health by lowering blood pressure as well as aiding in weight loss.

This type of diet mainly omits the consumption of animal products such as different meats and fishes, along with byproducts like dairy (milk, cheese, and honey) as well as eggs. Instead, those following a vegan diet choose to consume plant-based foods such as grains, beans, veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Many have the erroneous belief a vegan diet is very restrictive, but there is actually a lot of foods that are rich and diverse in flavor which followers can enjoy. I’m not vegan but I have been cutting meat down and have cooked a few meals from a vegan one pound meals recipe book. This diet goes beyond food choices for individuals who follow it as it encompasses different aspects of daily life.

Vegans change their clothing choices, bathroom essentials, and the like for sustainable, environmentally friendly options. This way of life aims to help the environment along with the wellbeing of animals in any aspect possible.

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Things to Know When Switching Your Child to a Vegan Diet

The first concern when switching your children to a vegan diet is how safe it may or may not be. Pediatric dietitians say that vegan diets are incredibly healthy for growing children but certain changes to the diet are essential to keep your children happy and healthy.
The main deficiency that your child will encounter is the lack of certain nutrients such as protein (usually coming from animal meat), iron (from fish and other seafood), calcium (from milk), and vitamin B12. Fortunately, professionals can provide you with alternatives to attaining these nutrients that are essential for your child’s development.

To fill the iron and B12 gap, you can encourage the intake of fortified foods and yeast extracts. For growth and fatty food for energy, make sure your children will eat chia seeds and dark greens. There are also other supplements available for your child to consume, giving him or her the complete diet he or she needs in order to develop in the healthiest way possible.
For more information on how to include more protein in your child’s diet, it is advisable to read more about the matter and do your own research.

How Is It Beneficial for Children to Go Vegan?

Making your kids go vegan is a challenging task, but it is all worth it. The benefits of a vegan diet are rewarding for your child’s wellbeing, may it be in terms of medical health or even their happiness and outlook on life. This is not to mention helping the environment out as well, and teaching them how to love and care for animals and the planet.


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Below are the numerous benefits your child will receive when switching to a vegan diet:

Health Benefits

A vegan diet consists of eating foods with incredibly low saturated fat content, keeping things like blood sugar down and the health of your heart in better condition. This goes the same for your children who love eating junk food and sweets. Vegan diets have been seen to improve blood sugar control and lower the risk of getting Diabetes Type II.
Studies have also cited that going vegan lowers risks to other common health issues such as cancer, arthritis, kidney failure, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Starting your kids on a vegan diet from an early age can lower the likelihood of them contracting these conditions later on in life.

Weight Management Benefits

Obesity is a prevalent problem in minors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects approximately 13.7 million American children and adolescents. This is fueled by the rising consumption of artificial sweeteners by children in the United States of America. These substances are reportedly from food consumed in the very homes of these children.
It is essential for parents to lead the change by starting in the home. This can be done by allowing your children to switch to a vegan diet where their blood sugar levels are significantly lower (up to 2.4 times) than most diets available out there.


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Overall Health Benefits

Going vegan means that your child will be able to get more important nutrients that he or she needs. Because of the non-consumption of meat and dairy products, the vegan diet’s health benefits come from the consumption of natural fibers and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.
Not only will your child’s diet get an increase in fibrous foods, they will also consume more vitamins and minerals such as potassium and vitamins A, C, and E. Those who go vegan report many benefits to this such as an improvement in bowel movement and better skin. Because of the lack of artificial sweeteners, vegan children and adults also report better and lighter moods.

Social Awareness and Love for the Environment

Encouraging your children go vegan does not just mean changing the food on the table but changing your lifestyle as well.
Getting your children to go vegan will be able to foster within them a deep love and respect for their environment, starting with the food they choose to consume. This awareness will allow them to understand nature and to care for our world for future generations to come.

Is Switching to a Vegan Diet a Good Decision for My Child?

Overall, making your child adopt a vegan diet is challenging within itself as there are risks involved. But continuous research has proven that there are ways around these nutritional deficiencies by supplying alternative foods and multivitamins.
There are also numerous health benefits where the risk of developing common illnesses is lowered. There is also a social significance in going vegan, fostering affection for animals and respecting the environment they live in.


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10 Comments on The Benefits of Having Your Children Go Vegan

  1. I am not close with anyone vegan so don’t know a ton of specifics about it. I know it has been gaining in popularity though.

  2. I do love a number of vegan foods. I wish it was easy to get my children to eat more, they’re so fussy.

  3. I think there are loads of great advantages to healthy to go vegan, but I do think a little meat like chicken can be a good thing x

  4. There are loads of benefits of going for a vegan diet, I’m trying to move towards a more healthy lifestyle and eat a more vegan based diet x

  5. My sister-in-law is vegan and although I’ve tried, I find it very difficult to follow. Having said that, we do enjoy vegetarian dishes.

  6. I find vegan quite hard, but I’m definitely all for more vegetarian. Last time I tried to go vegan I just couldn’t get enough protein even following good advice. There are some great vegan alternatives though – The Linda macartney puller Chicken is lovely.

  7. Very interesting read. My children are such fussy eaters I am not sure we would be able to switch to a vegan diet without a lot of stress and worry. However we are trying to eat less meat and vary our diet a little more!

  8. I’m dairy free but eat a lot of plant based meals and I think I would bring my child up in the same way as theres so many benefits to it. Maybe one day I’ll transition to fully vegan xxx

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