Earlier in the week, I put together a list of free online resources for home schooling. I started with great intentions but I’ve not been doing as much as I hoped. I don’t have the patience, Lucas doesn’t listen to instruction as well from me as he does teachers and to be honest, this is such an unsettling time for all of us so I’m not adding the stress of constant learning.


The seekers magnetic scavenger hunt board on grass near some daisies and the bag


Instead, we’ve been getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. We are currently on a 15 day lock down but thankfully so far, this means we can still play in the garden or go for a walk, providing we aren’t meeting with anyone.


Lucas looking down at the seekers scavenger hunt board. You can see a lake in the background


We’ve been playing boules, tig, hide and seek and rolling balls down the road in front of our house to see who’s goes the furthest. We live in a very rural place and with lock down, it makes it virtually impossible for a car to be on the road.

One thing I’m so glad I have, is our Seekers magnetic scavenger hunt. We have been using it since my Grandma bought it for Lucas a couple of Christmas’ ago, it’s perfect for screen free play and to encourage children to explore the great outdoors. Lucas loves going out to try and find everything on his magnets.


Lucas holding the magnetic scavenger hunt and the carry bag. He’s smiling looking at the camera


The starter kit contains a magnetic waterproof board with 12 reversible magnets. The magnets included are perfect for a general outdoor scavenger hunt. I can’t tell you how many times we have used it. We’ve used them down the woods, in the garden, at nature reserves, on the beach, walking down the road, there’s so many objects on there, that you can use in such a variety of settings. The starter pack comes complete with 2 drawstring bags. The larger drawstring bag fits the board in and can be carried by hand or as a backpack. It also fits in our drinking bottle and snacks when we go out with it. The smaller drawstring bag is for the magnets to go in.
We also have the car journey add-on magnet set so when we use that one, we put the woodland one back in the smaller bag to keep safe and tidy.


Lucas coaching down over the scavenger hunt board


The car journey add-on magnet set is great for keeping Lucas occupied when we are travelling but can also be used walking around a town.

Other add-on magnet sets include; ‘Beside the Seaside’, ‘Happy Campers’, ‘Supermarket’, At the Park’, ‘Shapes and Colours’ and ‘Christmas’. Launching this summer is also ‘Minibeasts’ add-on magnet set! For all ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’ fans out there, there’s also a NEW licensed version of the original Seekers starter pack which features characters from the show.

Offer on now

They currently have an offer on too, perfectly timed for lots of children needing to be entertained and encouraging families to reconnect together outside whilst avoiding other people. If you buy a starter kit, you can also purchase an add-on magnet set for half price using the code SPRING20. Click here to go and have a look for yourself.

I honestly can’t recommend them enough, we have had so many days out with ours. They are very hardwearing, ours has withstood Lucas and a few storms too!


If you would like the chance to win a starter set, enter below x

Seekers scavenger hunt

Getting outside with Seekers magnet scavenger hunt


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  1. Great game for out in the countryside where the air is fresh and virus free! Best place to be right now!

  2. My daughter is working from home while homeschooling my granddaughter. I’m sure they’d both enjoy this toy.

  3. This would be perfect for my neice, they live in the country and my sister in law has said that they would like a more focused walk.

  4. What a great idea I will definitely be using some of these to help with outdoor learning the next few weeks!

  5. This looks fun and educational. It’ll be fab for the kids to do when the world is back to normal x

  6. What a fab, simple game 🙂 My two youngest would really enjoy this – Thanks for another fab comp. x

  7. My sons would love this! They love exploring the outdoors and I love stuff that gets them off a screen!

  8. I would love to win this so that I could play it with my grandchildren when we see them again!!!

  9. Love the idea of this, we try to play these games with the kids anyway but it would be great to have something to make it more interactive.

  10. My daughter would love this she such a out door girl so our one hour a day out with this would be fantastic

  11. My little boy would love this! Would make a fun game for outdoors especially with what’s going on in the world right now!

  12. This would be ideal for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. I’m buying her presents of an outdoor theme

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