For decades now, having your child alongside you when you’re sleeping seems to have gotten a bad reputation and I completely understand the risks but it is actually great, and packs in a ton of benefits for both the parent and the child. We have co-slept since he was a baby.

So if you’ve got a toddler who insists on being in bed with you and sleeping close to you or you’re just simply confused about if you should still continue to co-sleep with your little one, here’s some advice on why you should!

Immunity Boost

One of the best benefits of co-sleeping, especially among toddlers, is that they feel less stressed out, especially if they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. This naturally boosts their immunity. Infact, a study also pointed out to how children who slept in bed with their parents had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that wrecks havoc with your health and makes you susceptible to different health issues.

Improves your child’s performance

This one may sound surprising, but it is actually true. Sleeping next to a parent helps children perform well in school. This settles the confusion regarding the rumours that often state how co-sleeping could stunt your child’s academic performance. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it has also been found that co-sleeping can help your toddler become more independent.

Stronger parent-child bond

This one’s pretty obvious, and another major highlight of co-sleeping. Allowing your toddler to sleep next to you will undoubtedly strengthen your bond with him, and make him feel more close to you. There’s a different kind of magic that being close physically and touching each other has, and that’s a valuable gift, and that’s exactly what co-sleeping offers.

Improved emotional growth

Emotional growth and stability is as important as physical and academic growth, co-sleeping can help you achieve that as well. According to a study published in Psychology Today, sleeping alongside your toddler can help boost his emotional growth, and he’ll grow into a well-rounded individual.
There’s also an obvious benefit of having no separation anxiety, which can benefit both the parent and the child.

Better sleep for both

It has been observed that children often get more relaxed and restful sleep when they are next to their parents, and the same works vice versa. There’ll be less chances of your little one waking up at night, or you feeling anxious about whether or not he’s doing okay. Obviously, more deep sleep means better energy levels. It has also been found that co-sleeping can make both you and your child happier, which is literally the cherry on the top!

If you’ve been skeptical about co-sleeping, I hope this article helps you understand better about how it isn’t just good for your child, but great for you as well. We have co-slept for 4 years now and it has made it so much easier when we travel, no worrying about being in a new room on his own as he’s always next to me x


Uncovering the Benefits of Co-Sleeping


10 Comments on Uncovering the Benefits of Co-Sleeping

  1. I’ve always liked the idea of cosleeping but was never able to do it. I’m such a fidget in bed I worried I would kick my child and could never go to sleep! Sounds like there are lots of benefits if you can make it work.

  2. I co-slept with my son when he was little. The only qualm I would have with a baby is if you have been drinking alcohol, then I think advice is to not sleep with them. Otherwise its an amazing way to bond

  3. I think about cosleeping the same way I think about a lot of things – people need to do what’s right for them. My oldest was in our bed for some time, I worked outside of the home and had to be able to function so cosleeping worked for us.

  4. I have never co-sleeped with any of my kids. When they was all babies I did want them all close to me but too scared to let them sleep with me as I am a heavy sleeper and scared I would roll on them in the night

  5. Sebby co-slept with us for a long time and it took him ages to settle in his own bed – he still comes in every now and again, but they are little for such a short time that I don’t realy mind

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