Last week I wrote a post about visiting Florida with children. Obviously the big destination people think of when having a family holiday in Florida is Disney World. It can be very expensive to visit but there are cheaper ways around it, such as package Disney World tickets.

Here’s some top tips from some bloggers who have visited Disney World to make your trip easier.

Take more shoes than you think you will need. You’ll be surprised how often they get wet and you end up trying to dry them or buy a new pair which gets expensive! Mummies Waiting

If you hang around until later in the evening, the queue times are significantly shorter. This is obviously dependent on your children’s ages.
Sinead Latham

Split your days in the parks to avoid the hottest part of the day and the overwhelm that comes with the big theme parks. The Life is Spicers

Make sure you add in rest days. Chill by the pool, go shopping or do other activities. The Ana Mum Diary

Stay in the Disney Hotel, you get extra magic hours where you can stay in the park later and go in earlier. Glossy Tots

Take lots of snacks so you aren’t having to pay for expensive snacks whilst you are in the parks. We found it was so hot that the children didn’t want to have a big meal but grazed on snacks throughout the day. Also, freeze bottles of water to take with you, it provides an ice pack for your food and you have refreshing cold water to drink. Entertaining Elliot

Find out which parks are busiest on which days to save time in queues. I found the Magic Kingdom are busiest on Mondays. Mumma and her Monsters

Plan your fast passes and where you want to use them. It can make a huge difference with queues. Devon Mama

Take some little concentrated juice with you. You can refill your bottle up with water for free at the water stations and add in the juice for extra flavour. Family travel with Ellie

The Disney experience allows you to have your photos taken around the park by dedicated photographers. They are usually located in the iconic areas so you can have a photo of your entire family to treasure. These are sent to your app ready for you to download. Yes, the queues for some are ridiculous but if you time it right or see a photographer about to set up, just go for it! It is always worth popping back to see if the queues have gone down. Emma Reed

Keep your expectations realistic. Plan your days but realise you need a degree of flexibility, especially if you go with younger children that will get worn out from the heat, crowds and excitement. Twice microwaved tea

Download the My Disney Experience App. You can use it in the park to check what fastpasses are available and it also gives wait times for the rides and character meets so you can nip for shorter queues. There’s WiFi in the parks so you can access it easily and it has a map on too. Twinderelmo


Have you been to Disney World? What would your tip be?x


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  1. Great tips and very helpful as we are planning a trip to Florida next year and will definitely be visiting the Disney parks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There are some really good tips here. I think that the rest days are super important, you deffo need these to chill out xx

  3. What a great post with lots of useful tips from mom’s perspective. I find it useful for any trip with kids not only for Disney World. Thanks 🙂

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