If you want to refresh your bedroom but don’t have a big budget to do so, there are still plenty of ways you can update your bedroom without spending a fortune.


Lucas tucked up in bed with the grey waffle bedding on him



Where your bed is situated in the bedroom can make a huge difference to the appearance. Have a play around with moving the bed to different places and see how it looks, it gives a whole new aspect and you will see different opportunities for the space. Another easy way to change the look of the bedroom if by simply changing the bedding.

The Silentnight sleep experts have launched a brand-new collection of stylish bed linen in a mix of on-trend colours, prints and textiles, to suit every bedroom. The UK’s most trusted bed brand has designed the new collection not only to encourage a great night’s sleep, but to look amazing and bring a charming style update into the home this season.

Opt for a luxurious, classic look with the Wide Sateen Stripe sets, featuring a stunning satin effect and rich feeling 200 thread count.
For maximum comfort and cosiness, go for the Waffle Fleece set. This super snug style brings a touch of warmth to the bedroom with beautifully crafted waffle fleece on both duvet and pillow cases. The quality is as you expect from Silentnight, superb and the waggle set is so unbelievably comfortable.


silentnight checked black, white and yellow bedding
Silentnight checked bedding


Wall decor

If you are hoping to repaint or wallpaper your walls, have a look on ebay, local Facebook groups and in charity shops as well as the sale sections of DIY stores. If you aren’t going as far as redecorating all the walls, you could hang tapestries up, wall stickers, rearrange pictures and photos or get a canvas printed for the wall.


It’s amazing how much stuff we hoard over time, from the clothes in our wardrobe to the trinkets we collect. Have a good sort through and either sell or take what you don’t need to the charity shop. Your room will immediately seem larger and will look refreshed.


dark grey waffle duvet set from silentnight
Silentnight waffle bedding



If you want to change your furniture, consider painting it yourself or covering it with fablon, new furniture at a fraction of the price!


Changing your lamp shades or light fittings can give a whole new feeling to a room. You could go for a clean cut, minimalistic look or have an extravagant light fitting that looks far more expensive than it is, thanks to shops like B&M bargains and Wilko.


Give the carpet a clean, it’s incredible how much better it looks once it has had a deep clean. Cover up that carpet you don’t like with a rug. You could have a look underneath the carpet and see what the floorboards are like, it could be that with a little hard work, you might have beautiful wooden floors. If you want a new carpet, keep an eye on the local Facebook groups and eBay.


How to decorate your bedroom on a budget


6 Comments on How to decorate your bedroom on a budget

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful post and yes…. O love the idea of redoing a room on a budget and I too love hitting yard ales and thrift stores too to find those rare finds that I can either redo to make them new or that fit perfectly as they are. Love this and appreciate your tips! Love the bedding 🙂

  2. Great tips for switching things up on a tight budget…it can be done! I’ve been wanting to spend my time at home redecorating and bringing new life to some of my rooms. These are great suggestions. Thank you!

  3. Very good suggestions. I am done with decluttering in the bedroom so I guess it is time to get new bed linens and possibly some new pillows too. I will check online and see if they can deliver despite the quarantine imposed in our area. If not, then I will have to wait.

  4. Thank you for these wonderful suggestions! It is amazing how decluttering can dec transform a room and I love that it requires just time and no money. Once the clutter is gone you are able to see what else you can add like a new set of bedding to freshen the room

  5. Oh I loved your ideas and tips. I get bored with my surroundings very often and redoing the bedroom without having to spend much is a great option. I loved the idea of hanging tapestry. It’s easy and can bring total change to the walls.

  6. This is such a timely post given the current lockdown situation. I love these budget bedroom decorating ideas; you’ve given me plenty to think about at home!

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