Corfu is a picturesque Greek resort. Many tourists appreciate not only the beauty of the island but also the quality of service in hotels. There are no ancient antique temples and theatres. However, there are a large number of monuments of Byzantine architecture, Orthodox monasteries, and palaces. Corfu has incredibly picturesque landscapes. On the island, you can find many viewing platforms. They offer unforgettable views of the coast, fertile plains, coniferous groves, hills and small villages buried in verdure. On the island of mono strengthen health, recharge your batteries and sunbathe in the sun. Here are 10 things to do in Corfu, Greece.


Corfu Greece, a sail boat is going into the bay


What to see in Corfu

Some of the best places to sail in Corfu are truly picturesque. There are ancient temples, gorgeous beaches and water parks. Take a look at some of the best places to go in Corfu.

The old city of Kerkyra

Kerkyra was founded by the Greeks in the 8th century BC. Over the long history of its existence, it has changed owners many times. The city was owned by the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Venetian Republic, the Ottoman Turks, the French and the British. At the beginning of the XIX century, for seven years, Kerkyra was under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. Since 2007, the city centre has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for special architectural value.

Aqualand Water Park

There are a lot of best places for sailing in Corfu. This entertainment complex is suitable for the whole family. There are a huge amount of water rides. The water park welcomes visitors of all ages, so even the smallest children will not be bored. Infrastructure includes a number of services for people with disabilities. Aqualand is one of the largest water parks in Greece. It is located in an area of ​​75 thousand m².

Paleo Frurio

Paleo Frurio is a Venetian fort. It was built in the XV-XVI centuries on the foundation of the Byzantine fortress of the VIII century. At the foot of the hill on which the fortification rises, a church of St. George is decorated, decorated with Doric columns.

The temple was built under the British in the XIX century. Many buildings of the fortress, such as the palace of the Venetian governor and some churches, were destroyed. And this place is one of the best Corfu attractions.

Neo Frurio

Another Venetian fortress that you can visit while sailing near the Corfu. These beautiful places in Corfu built in the XVI century in order to strengthen the defense line of Corfu. The construction was completed by the British and French. Neo Frurio is on top of St. Mark’s Hill. Nowadays, part of the premises is used as seaport offices, the other part is open for visiting. There is a small gallery on the territory of the fortress, where exhibitions are sometimes arranged.


Liston Street (Kerkyra) The historic center of Corfu town at night

Liston Street

The street was built in 1807–1814. Architects I. Parmesan and M. de Lesseps worked on the project. It was created in the image of the Parisian promenades, characteristic of the French capital.

Initially, access to the alley was allowed only to representatives of aristocratic families. A large number of souvenir shops, jewellery stores, and cafes were concentrated on Liston Street.

Spianada Square

One of the central squares of Kerkyra, surrounded by picturesque vegetation and historical buildings. It is located near the Paleo Frurio fortress and the main tourist promenade st. Liston. Spianada Square looks very comfortable and cosy place for unhurried walks, which is constantly used by tourists and local residents. There are taverns around the square where you can eat heartily.

Achillion Palace

The palace complex was built in 1890 by the builders of the Austrian Empress Amalia Elizabeth of Bavaria. Corfu was a favourite holiday destination of Elizabeth, here she part was resting. After the death of the empress, the palace became the residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II. By his decree, the interiors were updated. Nowadays, the museum is located on the territory of the palace.

Palace of Saints Michael and George

The palace was built in 1819-24. for the British governor of the Ionian Islands. It housed the local Senate and the headquarters of the Knights of the Order of St. George. The complex is built in a classic style. Its facade is decorated with a long row of columns. Today, the palace houses the Museum of Asian Art, which houses an extensive collection of diplomat G. Manos. He collected it after traveling in Asia.


Vlacheraina monastery as seen from Kanoni on the Chalikiopoulou Lagoon on the island of Corfu, Greece.

Mouse Island

This small island with the official name, Pontikonisi is the first on the top sailing destinations near Corfu. It is located south of the large island. There is a legend that this is the ship of Odysseus, which was turned into stone by the angry god Poseidon. The place was nicknamed Mouse Island because of its tiny size.

The island is easy to get around on foot in a few minutes. It’s one of Corfu best yachting destinations, that’s why boats run from Corfu to Pontikonisi. Some tourists prefer to swim here too.

Vlacherna Monastery

Orthodox monastery of the 18th-19th century, founded by the Tsilibaris family. Throughout the XX century, the monastery was female, after a short period of decline in 2005, by the decree of the President of Greece, it was reborn as a male. The monastery is located on a small island adjacent to the Mouse Island. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The revered icon of the Vlacherna Mother of God is kept in the monastery.

I hope you enjoyed these best sailing trips in Corfu and other great family moments!


Places you should try while sailing near Corfu



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