If your funds aren’t up to a full bedroom makeover, there are still plenty of ways to refresh your bedroom or change it up according to the season.

A simple way to refresh the bedroom is to change your bedding, some fab cotton duvet covers can be found at YorkshireLinen. When looking at bedding, make sure you check the thread count. Thread count is measured by counting the threads in a square inch and the higher the number, the higher the quality is. The type of cotton is also an indicator of the quality, you may have heard people say they would like Egyptian Cotton and that’s because, it is widely renowned as the best cotton. You can change the look of the room completely with your bedding, whether you go for a clean plain colour, a pattern or seasonal theme with autumnal colours and even Christmas themed in December. Once, you get a new duvet cover, why not treat yourself to a new bed sheet like these from California Design Den, from luxe sateens to crisp percales, every set of sheets is crafted using superb craftsmanship and eco-friendly production processes.

Paint your furniture, if your furniture is outdated, a simple way to change it rather than spending a fortune on a new set is to paint it. We have previously painted white fitted wardrobes into a wood stain effect and a couple of sets of drawers, one for Lucas’ room which we did in a sky blue and one for our spare room where we painted the alternate drawers in yellow and green, keeping the drawer body white.

Recover your headboard. Changing the headboard can also have a big impact on how the room looks, you could go for a different plain colour or get a patterned material. If you really wanted to make it personal to you, you could get material printed with your own photos on it.

Get a house plant, plants not only look beautiful and can change the look of a space, they also generate oxygen and help remove toxins from the air.

Accessories, you can easily change little niknaks, ornaments and pictures without spending a lot and especially if you have plain walls, bringing a theme or colours in with different accessories can completely change the look.


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  1. This is so timely for me. I really need a bedroom refresh and new bedding. I think new linen and doing some little things to freshen up a room are always important especially as I spend so much time in my bedroom due to illness.

  2. Great tips, sometimes bedrooms get a bit boring and I know some people change soft furnishings etc around seasonally to keep things fresh!

  3. we are hoping to redecorate our bedroom this year, but as a stop gap I got some lovely new bedding. It really does help give a change of freel to the room x

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