I’m sure plenty of us have taken the time in lockdown to do a spring clean of our houses and a kitchen deep clean. What’s often neglected though is the spring clean of our equipment including our vacuum.

Clean the canister

Many vacuums no longer use bags but if yours does, discard the bag. Give the container a good clean then replace the bag. If yours doesn’t have a bag, just give the container a clean, using an old toothbrush if there are any hard to reach areas. If you want a really simple way to deep clean the canister, pop it in the dishwasher.

Check the filter

Your vacuum will have come with instructions of how to clean the filter so follow these. I detach ours and tap the excess dust over the bin before and I clean it in the sink. I leave it to fully dry before I put back on. If it’s safe to, you could put in the dishwasher with the  dirt canister. Often, when you think it’s time to get a new vacuum, it’s just the filter that needs replacing so that’s always worth a try to save you money on a new vacuum! There are plenty of places you can get them including Spares2You.


Get all of your attachments, spare heads and brushes and give them a good wash. It will remove any hidden dust and the bacteria you can’t see. Remove all the hairs and threads that have become tangled in the brushes. Again, you could even put the attachments that are safe to do so in the dishwasher with the canister. Depending on the type of vacuum, make sure you clean the hose, ours on straight and detachable so easy to give a rinse through. I know my old one was grooved and flexible so I followed the manufacturer instructions to detach before cleaning it with a mix of water and white vinegar.


Tips on Cleaning Your Vacuum For a Deeper Spring Clean


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