I’m not a stranger to VonHaus or its parent brand, Domu. I used the VonHaus folding camping cart when we used to take Lucas to festivals in the UK and it also helped us out a lot during moving. I also use storage trunks from Beautify and a fondue set from VonChef, which are also part of Domu. What I love about the Domu brands is that they have always been great quality but without costing an absolute fortune.

Can the same be said about their vacuums? For the past 3 years, I have been using the Dyson handheld V8 Absolute. Can the substantially cheaper VonHaus handheld vacuum compare to it? The Dyson V8 retails at around £350 whereas the VonHaus grey cordless handheld vacuum costs under £100, at just £89.99! That is a huge difference and to be honest, I have always thought that when it comes to vacuums, the more you pay, the better one you will get.


Vonhaus handheld vacuum In pieces laid out on floor


When you compare them technically, the Dyson has up to 40 minutes of suction time and the VonHaus has up to 30 minutes. They are both wall mountable with charging cables. The Dyson comes with a couple more accessories but you can buy the VonHaus vacuum accessories set which includes 8 pieces for £12.99. I’m sure there will be a lot of technical differences with their suction systems that is over my head so how do they compare when vacuuming?


Me using the Vonhaus handheld vacuum


The VonHaus cordless handheld vacuum is so easy to use from attaching the accessories and using it. To charge, you simply click into the charging unit and plug in. When you use the vacuum, you press the button in once for a normal vacuum and press it twice for a higher suction. You don’t keep your finger on the button like you do the Dyson.  The VonHaus is lighter (3.5kg) than the Dyson (5.48kg). It is really lightweight, Lucas didn’t even struggle to hold it when he wanted a turn at vacuuming.


Lucas using the Vonhaus handheld vacuum


When you receive the VonHaus vacuum, the floor roller will be in the floor brush (soft bristles) which is for wooden and hard surface floors. If you want to vacuum a carpeted floor, you simply unclip the bottom of the floor roller and pull out the floor brush to replace with the carpet brush (hard bristles) and clip into place. It makes it so much easier to clean both rollers like this which will make vacuuming more efficient and hopefully help the vacuum last longer.

I have found the VonHaus to pick up just as much as the Dyson and I find the maintenance of the VonHaus easier so at a fraction of the price, I don’t think you can go wrong with it.


How does the Vonhaus handheld vacuum compare to Dyson? I test out the Vonhaus grey cordless vacuum when I am used to using the Dyson V8 Absolute



13 Comments on How does the Vonhaus handheld vacuum compare to Dyson?

  1. This sounds like such a great vacuum to have – I didn’t know VanHaus made one like this at all – but it sounds like it is much better value for what you are spending.

  2. I have never heard of this company before. I currently have a Dyson which at first I absolutely loved and it does make life easier with it being smaller and cordless but lately it annoys me that the head can’t turn and it has also started to smell even though I have thoroughly cleaned it and changed the filters so I am wanting a new vacuum but wanting to try a different brand. I will look these up and see if they are being sold anywhere near me as I would like to have a look at it before buying.

  3. That’s good to know it’s well comparable considering the massive price difference as we need to get a new one when we move soon x

  4. I am looking for a hand held vacuum on a budget, and this sounds like a great choice. I like that it is very lightweight but does the same job as a Dyson.

  5. I love that it is lightweight and does the same job as a Dyson would. Best of all, it is more affordable. I’d consider getting one when we have to replace the one we currently have at home.

  6. I returned this vacuum as it didn’t include the hard roller for carpets. I was sent a completely new vacuum which also didn’t include the hard roller. The enclosed instruction book clearly states that it includes both soft and hard rollers. What is going on?

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