You really wouldn’t know it looking at the weather but festival season is just around the corner. We have been invited* to Geronimo and Down By The Riverside festivals this year which I can’t wait to go to.



We are camping at both festivals and thankfully Domu have come to my rescue and sent* me the VonHaus camping folding cart to review. Last year at Geronimo it was a nightmare taking everything from the car to the tent and took us a few trips. We also took the pram for when Lucas became too tired from walking which took up most of the boot space.


VonHaus folding camping cart. I am holding the camping cart folded up in its carry bag, the orange wheels are on the floor and it looks like I am about to pull it along. I have my brown hair tied back and I am wearing a north face purple and pink coat with black jeans. I am stood on grass with a brick house behind me


This cart is going to eliminate the need to take the pram and can carry all our camping gear in one trip from the car to tent.

The cart is made from a sturdy steel frame with a durable fabric liner, meaning it isn’t a compromise on non-folding models. You don’t have to assemble anything either, it seriously is easy to pull out when you want it opening and then to push closed when you have finished with it.


VonHaus camping folding cart review. The camera is looking down at Lucas lying in the camping cart. He has his hood up on his coat which is a superhero pow graphics over it. He is wearing navy pants and the cart is grey. Under the cart you can see grass. It is a sunny day


It comes with a carry bag to protect it for when you store it away and to carry it when needed. It’s only weighs 11kg so it is genuinely light enough to carry. If you don’t want to carry it, it pulls along easily when folded away in the bag and you just use the carry bag handle. It is a good compact size once folded away too so perfect for popping somewhere convenient whether that is the boot of the car, shed or cupboard at home.

The cart can take up to 70kg of weight. I know it isn’t advertised as this but we will also be using it for Lucas to sit in when he needs a rest. It means we can take whatever we need with us for the day and there is still room for him to sit in without us struggling with the pram over grassy areas.


VonHaus camping folding cart review. You can see the full side of the cart, it is grey with black steel frame and orange wheels/ Lucas is sat in the cart and you can see a field and tree in the background


I really like this cart and can see us using it for years to come. It’s so easy to store when not needed and is surprisingly easy to push and pull. I thought I might struggle when trying to turn corners but the wheels handle it perfectly without causing any strain to me. It also comes with a 2 year guarantee x



VonHaus camping folding cart. Carry all your camping, festival or picnic gear to your destination with this clever fold-out cart Made from a sturdy steel frame with a durable PVC fabric liner, it’s no compromise on non-folding models No assembly required. Simply pull the cart open and push it closed Lightweight at only 11kg for easy transport


15 Comments on VonHaus camping folding cart review

  1. I’m glad I read this, we’ve been thinking about getting something like this now my youngest is out of a pushchair. It’s amazing how much stuff you have to carry when you don’t have a pushchair you can load up!

  2. I have never been camping and I don’t own a tent, so I had no idea how useful such a folding cart could be. It sounds great!

  3. What a cute festival cart, a great way to keep track of your child aswell as not carrying around heavy luggage you can just pull it along with you. What a great design idea.

  4. these are such good ideas, and perfect for things like festivals. We noticed a few when we went to one last year and thought about picking one up, I love how this one folds so small though! x

  5. I’ve been looking for something like this. With regards to them sitting in it…can he feel the metal work underneath? Does he have to sit on a cushion or anything or is it quite comfy for him?

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