If you only have a small patio area, you will want to make full use of your potential space. Although there are many plants suitable for growing in patio containers, aromatic plants provide greater benefit than others. Aromatic plants can both attract and repel insects and birds, depending upon the plant species; botanically speaking, aromatic plants are a complex, yet fascinating, creation that will bring life, colour and aroma to your summer patio. So treat yourself to some new rattan furniture to enjoy the aromatic fragrance and beautiful colours.

Rosemary for Patio Spaces

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a member of the Lamiaceae plant family, one of the largest fragrant botanical families. The fragrance of rosemary is herby and woody that is restorative and purifying in aromatic terms. Rosemary is an evergreen plant with silver-green leaves that are shaped like needles; it has pale blue flowers in the spring, depending upon the climate in which it is grown. There are several cultivars of rosemary available so make sure that you choose the right plant for the space you have available.

Lavender for Patio Pots

Lavender is probably one of the most well-loved garden plants that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean region to which it is native. Lavender also belongs to the Lamiaceae plant family. There are many species and cultivars of lavender that go by the generic name “lavender,” including Lavandula officinalis, Lavandula stoechas, Lavandula x intermedia, Lavandula lanata and Lavandula latifolia.

True lavender (Lavandula officinalis) is an evergreen plant with violet-blue flowers and narrow, green, leaves; another popular lavender species for patio pots is Lavandula stoechas, a perennial plant which has purple coloured bracts. Lavandula stoechas has a distinct difference in appearance to true lavender and other lavender species. Not all lavender species have purple-coloured flowers; some are white or pink in colour, so make sure you know which type of lavender you are choosing.

Marigold for Patios

Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is a member of the Asteraceae plant family with a distinct composite flower head. Marigolds are annual plants with green leaves and a variety of colourful flowers to choose from. Marigolds require a sunny position to bloom, so are suitable for patios that receive a constant supply of sunlight in summer.

Rose Geranium for Patio Areas

Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is a member of the Geraniaceae plant family. It has a “rose-like” scent. Rose geranium is a perennial plant but doesn’t like frost and cold temperatures, so make sure it is protected during the winter months; sometimes rose geranium is cultivated as an annual plant. Rose geraniums are available in many colours, shapes and sizes, depending upon the species or cultivar.

How Aromatic Plants Benefit a Patio Area

Aromatic plants are beneficial to a patio area in the following ways:

The fragrance of aromatic plants are therapeutic, depending upon particular species, so can promote feelings of well being

Plants such as marigold help to keep away insect pests from other neighbouring plants

The colour and/or scent of some aromatic plants are attractive to pollinators such as birds and insects, so you will notice a plethora of different wildlife species in your patio area

Aromatic plants add colour to your patio and are visually appealing.

Fragrant Plants for Small Spaces

Aromatic plants can stimulate the senses in more ways than one and are great plants for small spaces. Just remember to check the recommended care guidelines for each particular species to ensure your patio space provides the right amount of sunlight, water and climate for the plant. Plants have different levels of aroma, so choose accordingly, depending upon whether you want a subtle scent. Aromatic plants add a new dimension to your space, no matter how small or large it is, in addition to promoting your sense of well-being.


Aromatic plants for a patio area. They are a complex, yet fascinating, creation that will bring life, colour and aroma to your summer patio



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  1. I have been growing herbs in pots for a couple years in a row now for the patio and it’s so nice to have it all around me during the warmer months! Great ideas here!

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