The world around has changed dramatically in the year 2020 and more and more teams and workplaces are now switching to remote working practises, and people are now adopting flexible work from home routines, and you’re probably one of those.

One of the struggles, though, that you might be facing is setting up your home office, and if that’s the case, here’s a bit of help your way. Read on to discover 5 things you need to remember when creating your home office.

Simplicity is Key

When decorating your home office space, remember that simplicity is the key. No matter how attractive those little lights may look, or how fancy that desk chair might seem, if it isn’t comfortable or isn’t providing the right lighting for you to work in, it is a big waste.

Stick to simple, ergonomic and easy to use furniture and other items that you’re investing in for your home office.

Be Wise About the Storage

If you’re using a spare bedroom to create your home office, or are just taking your own time to set it all up the way you want it to, storing all your furniture and other essentials can be a tricky job. Thankfully, you can make use of a self-storage solution. I found Now Storage have a few locations such as Now Storage self storage in Newbury. It offers you a safe and accessible storage solution, no matter what the need is.

Wire Management is Important

This one’s a biggie most of us tend to ignore! Some basic wire management tools can go a long way in keeping your home office organised and decluttered. Trust me on this, there’s nothing worse than having those wires, cables and cords on your desk all jumbled up.

Best of all, it is pretty cost-effective too, you can use zip ties or clamps too if you don’t want to actually purchase anything.

Space Matters

If you have two spare bedrooms to pick from, or are just looking for a corner in your home that you can use as your home office, or are maybe considering the garage, the space you pick should be airy, comfortable and convenient for you to work in. Pick a space that makes you feel less distracted and more focused.

Bring in Some Greenery

Last, but definitely not the least, also consider getting some green plants into your workspace. Studies have found that these plants don’t just help boost mood and improve workplace happiness (thanks to all the oxygen that they expel), but they can also improve workplace productivity by 15%.

Get your hands on some low maintenance plants that improve air quality and also add a touch of freshness to your workspace.


Things to Remember When Creating your Home Office. When decorating your home office space, remember that simplicity is the key & good storage




7 Comments on Things to Remember When Creating your Home Office

  1. I have been working from home for quite awhile now and love it. Keeping it simple is key. I like to keep my office peaceful and inspiring. Yes, plants are great.

  2. Some fab tips. I agree that wire management is so important but so many people forget about it! We have recently set up our home office and there is so much to remember!

  3. I agree that it doesn’t matter how wonderful an item looks, if it isn’t comfortable or functionable, it really isn’t worth indulging in and becomes a purchase we typically regret.

  4. Bringing in some greenery to office space is a great idea…I have some low maintenance plants in my office and it brightens up the room and emits positivity around.

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