Although Lucas has settled into school really well and talks about his friends, we were both excited to go and meet someone new this week that we could both speak to in English. I have been talking to someone in one of the expat groups who lives 20 minutes away from us and she has a 5 year old daughter. On Monday, Lucas and I went round for a play date and it was lovely to see Lucas playing with her like they had known each other all their lives. He could be himself without having a language barrier. They coloured, went on the trampoline, played with her toys and climbed trees. Anyone that knows Lucas, will know he isn’t a tree climber so he watched as she swung from branch to branch, telling her it’s dangerous and she pointed out an easy route for him to climb for them to rest together x


Lucas sat on a tree branch


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  1. What a lovely photo! I’m glad Lucas has found a new friend but I’m sure the langnuage barrier won’t be there for long, kid’s pick up new languages so quickly.

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