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We went to the Preston Docks last Sunday, we bought you some clothes from Mothercare and then had a walk by the canal. We also visited the farm on the way home.

We went to tots praise on Monday at the parish centre, I didn’t take you swimming as you are still a bit sniffly so I didn’t want to be putting you under the water. On Tuesday we started baby yoga in Standish, the place is amazing inside, you would never think of it being tucked away next to the spar! You enjoyed most of it but got a little grizzly at times, I adapted a lot of it as you kept turning onto your front to nosy at everyone else x

On Wednesday we met G and S at play and praise in Wrightington. The vicar was there this week and read some stories. You enjoyed all the singing. We went to see Steph when she finished school on Wednesday to say Happy Birthday x

We made a new salmon recipe and froze a batch of it on Thursday morning. We also went to clinic, you are 18lb, 5oz. We started a new course of baby massage at the childrens centre in the afternoon, you were very giddy and loud. The other babies had no chance of relaxing! We visited Auntie L before going home x

I took you to get your handprints, footprints and fingerprint done on Friday for a necklace I am getting. You where so chilled out that we managed to get three sheets of them and I had a slice of malteser cake whilst we were there. We visited Auntie S in the afternoon x

We have just got back from the garden centre, we went to visit your Grandad. I took you to visit your Grandma this morning whilst we gave your Daddy some peace. I think thats about it for this week apart from shopping and visits to the farm and Grandma J x

This is what you’re doing now;

Lucas as a baby looking at the camera on his play mat

You seem a lot stronger this week, you are pushing yourself up further on your front and staying there longer.

New tastes;

Chocolate brownie (last week)

Organix carrot sticks




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