We’ve been so busy this past week and living in between my parents and our house while we decorate that I’ve not had chance to mention Lucas’ birthday. Lucas is now 4 and he had a great birthday. As an early birthday treat we went to see Lego Movie 2 at the cinema which was really good, I loved the film which I wasn’t sure whether I would and Lucas has been singing songs from it for the past 2 weeks now. How cute is the top I bought for him from Betty Bramble?! I’m really pleased with it.


Lucas sat looking at the camera wearing a red long sleeve top with an embroidered 4 on it


On his actual birthday we visited Great Grandma J before going to Verdes, a local Italian for dinner which was nice but we had to rush it as Lucas insisted he wanted to go to Love to Learn class still. I’m sure he only wanted to go to tell them it was his birthday as he said he doesn’t want to go again! In the evening we went round to my parents and most of the family cane round for a birthday tea and get together.

Lucas had two birthday cakes as his Auntie to be is gluten free so we got a gluten free cake with star on from Asda and a normal cake. The normal cake he chose was a plain one from Morrison’s that is designed to decorate yourself. We ordered edible decorations from EBay of Star Wars Lego characters and Lego Movie characters so he could choose which he wanted to put on.

The day after his birthday we met some of Lucas’ friends for tea at the Bowling Green as it has a great children’s play area as well as good food.

This Friday, my parents are taking Lucas to Lego Land at the Trafford Centre which is his birthday treat from them rather than a physical present. I thought an experience and day out doing something he would love would be better than a toy. I like that he is building memories with the people he loves.


Lucas’ 4th birthday


The presents he did get, were very Lego orientated. He got various characters and sets to build.

It’s a little sad to think this is his last birthday before he starts school. I’ve been thinking of starting out family tree again, I made a start on it when I was pregnant. I’ve seen CRI Genetics advertised recently which do duel BioGeographical ancestry reports and a detailed percentage breakdown of your heritage. DNA Weekly claim to have the Best DNA Testing Kits with over 100 million users and 9.6 billion historical records available.

I have had such an amazing 4 years with Lucas, going at our own pace and on lots of incredible days out that will soon be confined to school holidays and weekends. I absolutely love this age, the enthusiasm for each day and what adventures it may bring x



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I have a spare, brand new Betty Bramble top like Lucas’ to giveaway. It is red with superhero 4 on it, age 3-4 years. If you would like to win, enter below

4 top


Lucas’ 4th birthday celebrations



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  1. Leo is 3 at the moment and absolutely mad about super heroes. I’d love to win this for his next birthday!

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