My Grandad and his brother where recently having a sort through of some old photos, they found the church magazines that had each of their Christening announcements in and the magazine that had their parents marriage announcement in. The magazines are fascinating to look through. Among the photos, there was also an autograph book that their Mum had been given by her Mum in 1922, through it there are various beautiful drawings and notes from her family and friends. As it is Valentines Day, I thought this poem she wrote when she was 10/11 years old would be quite fitting x

Autograph book

Recipe for Love Cakes

3oz of love

2 fond hearts

1 dozen Kisses

1 nice squeeze


-My Great Grandmother, 1923

Love cake recipe


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  1. That’s adorable! I love old things, my mum found an old note book at a car boot sale filled with recipes from during the war! x

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