Preparing your nursery when pregnant is one of the most exciting tasks in the run up to your baby’s arrival. Imagining what he or she will be like, where they are going to sleep, where they are going to play and all the memories you have yet to make.

Boy nursery idea Lucas in his cot with a blue and whote bird wallpaper in the background

We decided on a nautical theme for Lucas’ room and went for a sky blue wallpaper adorned with a white bird print. As we had a print on the wall we decided to keep the rest of the room simple with a white cotbed and a white fitted wardrobe. Since Lucas’ arrival we have added a photo of him swimming underwater on a shelf which I think complements the nautical theme well.

Next toy sack hanging on the back of a door Nursery ideas blue and white stripy canvas drawers

I love my friends scandinavian inspired nursery with the simple storage solutions and changing unit. A comfortable nursing chair for the many feeds during the beginning.

Nursery ideas a scandanavian inspired nursery

Nursery ideas

When thinking of nursery ideas, you may want to consider some points

  • Do you want it to be a relaxing place that the baby will associate with sleep or is it going to be combined as a play room?
  • If it is a play room, have you somewhere to store/tidy the toys away so not to distract the baby at bedtime?
  • Have you got enough storage? Underbed containers are great for storing toys and clothes if space is limited. Toy sacks on door hooks are also an easy way to gain more space. Don’t just look in nursery/bedroom specific places for furniture and storage. We got Lucas’ small drawers from the bathroom storage section.
  • How much light comes in? Do you need blackout blinds or curtains?
  • Do you have a dimmer for your room light or should you get a night light? You don’t want to be walking in to a dark room to check on baby or feed but you don’t want to be putting a bright light on either. We have a starlight show on Lucas’ baby monitor which is perfect for seeing enough and also lovely for Lucas to look at as he’s drifting back to sleep.
  • Do you want a nursing chair? I didn’t and used lots of pillows in bed to sit comfortably for the long feeds in the early days. A V neck pillow is great for feeding and also really good for getting comfy to sleep at the end of pregnancy.
  • Do you want to buy a changing unit? If space or money are limited, you can get a changing topper for the cot for about £25.


Preparing Your Nursery

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16 Comments on Preparing Your Nursery

  1. My hubby used to knock things down when the lights were switched off so we got a dimmer. Our baby was a light sleeper. Having a dimmer in the nursery can be really useful It helped us monitor the baby without having to knock things down and wake the baby up.

  2. I love your theme. For our nursery I painted a huge jungle themed mural on one wall. It looked really good and I was so happy with it. Sadly our landlord then decided to sell up so I had to paint over it two months later (even though we asked in the first place!) Sannoying.

  3. Great tips, I missed out on decorating a proper nursery for my daughter as we sold our house then the house we were buying feel through so ended up renting somewhere we couldn’t decorate until she was 8months old. I love the theme you have chosen too! #HomeEtc

  4. Love the bird print wallpaper, it’s really pretty. You’ve created a lovely space. Storage is a big consideration for our nursery, it’s tiny! I love the ikea storage cube for packing away bedding and some toys, so useful.

  5. Yep I agree – I LOVED preparing for our nursery and got so excited. There is so much choice. Thanks for linking up lovely, Jess xx


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