I have really enjoyed spending time with D and Lucas over Christmas. It has given D and Lucas to spend some quality time together.

We spent Christmas Day at my Mums and Grandmas with the whole family, I think there are over 20 of us when we get together and Lucas absolutely loves it. He toddles off being the social butterfly he is, embracing all the attention. D and I took the chance to relax snuggled up on the sofa together. My favourite memory is of us on the sofa and hearing my Dad shout conga, we then had my Dad followed by a couple of others and Lucas dancing behind. The look on Lucas’ face was pure happiness and I wish I could have captured that on camera, he was in his element.

Lucas’ sleep pattern has messed up with going out during the evenings and routines changing but I haven’t really minded, Lucas has been happy and not grumpy because of it so it’s been nice to spend the extra time together.


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