If you haven’t seen a happy days post before, it is where I focus on the good things that have happened throughout the week instead of getting bogged down by negativity.


Saturday D was off work and it was lovely to spend some time all 3 of us, we didn’t do much as Lucas wasn’t well but it made a nice change relaxing together

Sunday Really shitty day, spent the day in hospital after ringing for an ambulance as my Grandma had a stroke and her leg that has been bothering her for a while was really painful. The point of this is to find something happy in each day so I will focus on the paramedics, we had 2 sets of paramedics, one from her house and then another to transfer to another hospital. The paramedics were happy, smily and a breath of fresh air.

Monday I visited my Grandma in hospital, she slapped my hand away when I was biting my nails. Normal behaviour 😊

Tuesday I started a new book, Big Little Lies, I didn’t realise it had been made into a TV series until later on so I have set it to series record for when I have finished reading it. The TV series includes Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

Wednesday I visited my Grandma and she is doing so much better, they are talking about moving her from the stroke ward to the rehab ward

Thursday I did some weeding in the garden whilst Lucas pottered around on his trucks

Friday I got my first message through People Per Hour, it’s from a local PR company wanting to outsource some work. Nothing may come of it but I was happy to see my profile is at least being viewed. I also set up a Facebook page as a virtual assistant


Lucas sat on green skuttlebug weaing a blue jacket, blonde curly hair. On flagged garden with pot of daffodils behind him, next to him is a yellow jcb ride on toy and green john deere atv ride on toy

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  1. Oh no, I hope your Grandma is doing better now. I love how she slapped your hand away though x

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