Before having Lucas, no forget that, even though I have Lucas I have no idea what to buy for other children. I obviously know what Lucas would like but even children of the same age I struggle with and I’m useless when it comes to older ones. Wicked Uncle have managed to completely eliminate this problem.


Struggling To Find The Perfect Gift For The Little Ones?


Wicked Uncle have gifts for children of all ages from babies to teens. On their website you select whether you are looking for a boy or girl and their age. The search results come up with various gifts suitable in prices to suit all budgets. It seriously is that simple!


Wicked uncle review


Wicked Uncle contacted me to see if I would like to take part in a challenge, I was intrigued. The challenge was to use their website to choose Lucas a gift, the catch was that someone without their own children had to purchase it and we wouldn’t be told anything until it arrived.

I asked my friend, Bec if she would mind doing it for us. So, armed with her voucher code* and delivery address I left her to it. This is what she thought…

‘The website was very easy to navigate and made selecting a present very easy. I liked that I could select the sex, the age and then the type of present i.e creative, adventure etc. This process took a lot of the worry about the ‘suitability’ of a gift away. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to repeat my details when setting up the account and that this could be done at the end. It was easy and just required a password. All details were retained from delivery details. One of the things I hate about online shopping is having to set up accounts with websites but this was surprisingly easy. I would use this website again.’


John deere atv toy review


When the parcel arrived, I couldn’t wait to see what she had chosen. We were extremely impressed to be unwrapping a John Deere Sit ‘n’ Scoot ATV! It is amazing, Lucas absolutely loves it. It is very rugged and has a key to ‘start’ it and make realistic engine noises. Dashboard buttons activate voices, sounds and a special John Deere ATV song. It does come with front and rear racks that swing up and down so you can carry up to 50lb loads, however Lucas won’t have these on, he took them off straight away and when we have put them back on, he has whipped them off again and put them away in a drawer. Not a clue why.


Wicked uncle review


To sum up, I love Wicked Uncle and I love the ATV. I can’t recommend Wicked Uncle enough, I think the concept is fab and will definitely be using it when I’m next shopping for my friends children x


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  1. I’ve heard of Wicked Uncle and it definitely sounds like a fab website to buy presents for the little ones. It’s T’s birthday soon, off to have little poke around …

  2. What a great idea! I can imagine that that was an amazing gift, my boys would have loved this when they were younger. The website looks fab too, I am off to have a proper look now.

  3. I’ve never heard about Wicked Uncle. My friends just recently had children and I never know what to get for them. Sounds like a website worth having a look at.

  4. AHH this is great!!! Takes all the hassle of present buying away. I love that you can select things like ‘creative’ or ‘adventure’ to suit the child. So glad Lucas loved his gift – well done Auntie Bec!

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