Lucas stood at the school gates


Lucas started school on Monday. It was a lot easier to get him in than we expected. We arrived in France the Monday before, went to the Mairie on the Wednesday to ask about schools and she set up a meeting the following day with a teacher of the local school. We met with the teacher who knows very little English and as we know very little French, gestures and google translate helped a lot. She asked if we wanted him to start the following Monday and so he did!

Lucas was so excited about starting school, there’s no uniform so he chose to wear one of his Ninjago tops for his first day. His first week has been up and down, he seems to be enjoying it and he tells us what he’s been doing which involves a lot of colouring, playing and having 3-4 course lunches. We have had some trouble with one of the students but the school seem to be sorting that out.

They also still nap here until they go up to the next school at 6 so he has had to get into that habit again. The teacher said he would be at this school for 2 years which classes as a nursery year and reception then he will move up to primary school.

There is a reward system throughout the week and Lucas was happy to be able to choose a treat out of the boxes on Friday and came home with a little Star Wars figure.


7 Comments on The ordinary moments #42 – Lucas’ first week at school

  1. What a lovely photo. It’s interesting to read about the differences in school from the UK – with a nap and a huge lunch. Two of my kids gave up naps as soon as they turned 2 and the other one was 17 months, so they would have really struggled with that!

  2. So happy that Lucas has settled in school in France. Do they not start earlier in the day there? What a lovely photo, he looks very happy.

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