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Well it’s the last day of Blogtober and unfortunately I failed to complete all the questions as I missed the last 2 days with being busy and having a poorly boy.

Happy Halloween!

Last year was Lucas’ first Halloween and I carved 2 pumpkins, we got some decorations, made a Halloween cake, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds. This year as I now have a walking, getting into everything toddler rather than a baby that contentedly watches me I have just about managed to carve a pumpkin. I haven’t made anything with the pumpkin yet but I really liked last years soup so I think I will be doing that again as well as roasting the seeds.

Halloween. Lit pumpkin in the dark

I bought Lucas a top from Tesco to wear

Halloween Lucas wearing a black top with a green monster on it

Halloween Lucas wearing a black top with a green monster on it




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  1. Happy Halloween! What a coincidence: your boy’s green monster shirt is very like a photo prompt I just wrote a post to! I had never heard of Blogtober. Cool concept. #weekendblogshare

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