When it comes to the colder months, we tend to see less and less people grabbing their camping gear. But Wido have shared this fabulous infographic showing how you can still camp in the cold, including tips and tricks to make it a great trip!

Brave it

The first step is plucking up the courage to make the venture and get out on your venture with the tent

Layer up

From under layers and outer layers to making sure your hat, scarves and gloves are in your bag. Layers are crucial for keeping cosy in the cold

Extra insulation

Make your tent cosier and double up on your sleeping mat for extra insulation and extra comfort

Don’t breathe in your bag

Breathing into your sleeping bag is a common habit of campers to keep warm. However, this creates moisture and ruins the insulating effect.

Hot water bottles

Pack a hot water bottle to help send you off to sleep that little bit easier

Think bright

Make sure you can enjoy your time outside for longer by fashioning a head torch. It’s also vital for those late night trips to the loo

Be fireproof

You will most probably be making a campfire so ensure your clothing or anything near is fireproof.

Get a good camping chair

By having a suitable camping chair, you won’t be sitting on the cold, wet ground meaning you can keep a bit warmer.

Travel mug

Help keep that hot chocolate warmer for longer in a travel cup which also enables you hands to be warmer too!

Have fun

Make sure you have plenty of activities planned to keep your minds occupied and weather will be a thought of the past. We love our travel bingo!


Camping in the Cold; 10 Things to Know


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