Do you ever look at people relaxing on bean bags and wondering how because you just sink in awkwardly? I did until I received one from Bean Bag Bazaar. Bean Bag Bazaar is a small business based in Northumberland who design, make and sell soft furniture and soft furnishings. I received the Icon Kenai faux fur bean bag in arctic fox which is a beautiful silver grey. The โ€˜tippedโ€™ faux fur creates a realistic depth and natural looking colouring with grey roots fading out to a silver tip. A matching grey faux suede base panel is used to prevent slipping on wood floors and provide a high-quality finish.


Lucas led on the bean bag bazaar icon bean bag


The beads inside the bean bag has insulating properties, helping the seat feel warm and cosy, especially with its thick faux fur fabric cover. Made with FreeFlow technology, the bead inside is able to move freely which creates a bespoke, supportive shape that feels like a hug enveloping you. With a height of 70cm, width and depth of 84cm it is one of Bean Bag Bazaar’s adult range but as you can see from the photo’s, it has been commandeered by Lucas and I have promised it can have it in his bedroom or toy room once we buy our house. It is perfect fro him to relax, reading a book or sit on whilst he’s playing on the XBox. The quality of it is just incredible and I love snuggling up with Lucas on it. I have also spotted some outdoor bean bags on their website which I would love to get for next Summer.


Lucas reading a book on the bean bag bazaar icon bean bag


If you would like to win an Icon Kenai faux fur bean bag in arctic fox, enter below

Bean Bag Bazaar



Relaxing in comfort on the icon bean bag from bean bag bazaar


198 Comments on Sinking back into relaxation with Bean Bag Bazaar

  1. Bean Bag Bazaar do some great bean bags, we got some garden ones from them this year, one for adults , one for kids

  2. This looks fab and am sure my son would want it in his room but looks easy enough to move from room to room when we have more visitors than seats

  3. This would be amazing to snuggle up with the kids and a book before bed!! Among other things, like chilling out on my own!! xx

  4. Love the style of this bean bag, definitely going to take a look at the website to see what else they have as we are currently redecorating our house.

  5. Looks so cosy, my girls are planning on getting bean bags when we get our room decorated, they would love this

  6. This bean bag looks super comfy! My family and I would be fighting over it each night ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving the colour.

  7. Looks so comfortable, would love one for my front room although I think the kids would ‘steal’ it! lol

  8. I recently decorated my teenage son’s bedroom and he’s asked for a beanbag. His wallpaper is a silver/grey so this would match perfectly! What a treat this would be…

  9. I have been trying to get one of these for months… I have my winter reading material and would love to be able to sink into one and read… might even fall asleep lounging in one…

  10. This looks so comfy. I’ve always wanted a beanbag. My brother had one as kids and he never let me sit on it lol

  11. I have an outdoor one for the garden in the summer but this faux fur one looks perfect for the living room! Especially to cozy up with watching Christmas movies!!! Or post Christmas dinner when your too full to move lol

  12. What a lovely comfy beanbag. Would have to fight to sit on this in our house as I think the dog and two cats would claim it first!

  13. I love the look of this beanbag, only trouble would be trying to get Leo off it long enough for me to enjoy it!

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