Thank you to Bababoogie for offering to give one of their DVDs to one of my readers in celebration of my Blogaversary.

Bababoogie giveaway

Bababoogie is an exercise DVD that has been endorsed by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and has been put together to exercise whilst having your baby in their baby carrier.

There are two separate routines, one for when you have had your 6 week post natal check up with the doctor and one from around 4 months or whenever your baby has enough head control.

Bababoogie giveaway




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  1. I am currently pregnant. I continue to go on walks with the dog and have been doing a fair amount of housework as I am in the third trimester, the nesting stage! Thanks for running this competition!

  2. I continued jogging and going to Pilates until near the end of my second trimester then I switched to Pregnancy Yoga, swimming and the occasion class of Zumba 4 Bumps! The last trimester was the hardest to exercise though, some weeks I didn’t do anything as I just got so tired.

  3. Yeah, I kept active right up to when I went in for my c-secton. I continue my kickboxing 4 days aweek and 4 days of weights.

  4. No, I was so careful with my first. I didn’t want to ‘jiggle’ the baby about too much if I did exercise. With my 2nd I tried to walk as much as I could.

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