As part of my Blogaversary celebrations, I have a family ticket to giveaway toΒ Knowsley Safari ParkΒ for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Knowsley safari

Knowsley Safari is home to over 750 animals and has a walk around section including cafes, shops, childrens rides and play areas as well as an impressive 5 mile safari drive.




76 Comments on Win a family ticket to knowsley safari park

  1. My little ones would love this. Although my youngest who is 9mths calls every animal a duck at the moment πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve wanted to go for a while but the other half thinks the monkeys will destroy the car :S If I win we are definitely going

  3. The last time I went to Knowsley Safari I was pregnant with my first child. It would be lovely to revisit with my two little boys. xx

  4. We love it here – would be fab to visit as a family though. Both boys been but on seperate school trips! haha.

  5. We love knowsley although on each trip it has managed to rain and certain animals such as the wolves we have yet to see! It is such an adventure for the family.

  6. I love Knowsley safari park. Been a few years now since visited because children are teenagers now. Would love to take my niece and nephew for a roaring time with the lions and to see a cheeky chimp sitting on the car bonnet.

  7. I used to go here lots as a child, took my kids a few years ago but my daughter was too young to remember. Would love to take them back again.

  8. I love taking the kids to Knowsley, we particularly like the chimpanzees and always go the non-car friendly route, so far we’ve been very lucky

  9. Meant to visit here in the Summer hols and we never made the tie – would love to go to celebrate my kids birthdays this Autumn – you make it sound a great day out!

  10. My daughter would love to visit Knowsley Safari Park! She is mad about animals and we go to Chester Zoo as often as we can!

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