Learning Activities to Help Your Child at Home

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Young girl in greenhouse watering plant with woman holding planting pot

  Since schools in the UK and across other parts of the world are currently closed, parents are now home schooling or ‘crisis schooling’ and help their children with their learning at home. This has proven to be quite the challenge for many; juggling home life, working and helping children with their education isn’t particularly […] Read more…


Interactive learning with Osmo

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Lucas playing with the osmo app. Creating a tippee out of silicon pieces

  One evening after looking on Facebook D came running upstairs to tell me about a learning app a friend was using for his children. Just when you thought you knew all about the ways to use tech to keep your children entertained, you find something that blows everything else out of the water. Osmo […] Read more…


Creating a play area in a back yard

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Creating a play area in a back yard

If you are a parent and spend a lot of time at home, you probably have taken a big interest in creating a beautiful yard. After all, our yards are like our outdoor living space, and they can directly contribute to our quality of life. A lot of parents these days are incorporating “fun spaces” […] Read more…


Going cycling with children

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Going cycling with children. The photo shows two adults and a child cycling in the evening with a sunset behind

  Since we moved to a rural area in France, I have been wanting to get a bike. I know it is very stereotypical but I would love to bike down the lanes to the patisserie. I would love one of those retro looking bikes with a basket on the front, with Lucas cycling beside […] Read more…