Father’s Day may be over but for those of you that like to get organised for Christmas or for any birthdays coming up, these are a few ideas

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine
Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh ground coffee? With this bean-to-cup coffee machine, your dad will wake up his senses. This ultracompact espresso machine is really easy to use, making it suitable for everyone. Your dad doesn’t need to love brain teasers in order to use it.
He’ll only need to preheat the machine, adjust the grinding fineness, adjust the water quantity, choose the coffee strength, and wait for that perfect cup of coffee (I’ve already started smelling it). The bean-to-cup coffee machine comes with a transparent bean container to keep up to 275g coffee beans fresh and ready to use.


Cool gift ideas for Dad


London Helicopter Tour
Every single man on earth has at one point in his life thought about being a pilot! Even if he is all grown up now, those dreams are alive and kicking. So let him experience what it would be like by giving your dad a front row seat on a helicopter tour of London. The tour lasts for 35 minutes and offers breathtaking views of landmarks like Trafalgar Square, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
This is one for the whole family to contribute to, but if you want to blow your dad away then this is worth a thought. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is one of the top diving watches on the market for under $3000. It remains waterproof up to 600 meters and is built by the brand that claims fame to sending the first watch to the moon. We are in love with the solid, bright design and orange detail. Pre-owned luxury watches from a solid swiss brand like Omega not only make a great gift but are a great investment too.


Cool gift ideas for Dad

Portable BBQ
Dads love to organise a barbeque for every special occasion and sunny weekends are in full swing right now! With a portable BBQ, he can take his bbq excitement everywhere. And make your belly happy along the way too.
This portable barbeque comes in a vintage suitcase design so he can carry it to any place imaginable. The downside is that it’s not too big, so you might have to wait for your food.

Portable Vinyl Record Player
What would life be without music? Pretty dull for sure. Turn your dad’s life into an extraordinary experience with a portable vinyl record player.
It comes inside a faux leather briefcase with built-in stereo speakers, making it extremely easy to take everywhere so he can enjoy his favourite vinyl’s wherever he is. And, if for any unknown reason no one wants to listen to his retro music, he can plug a set of headphones into the briefcase and forget about the world. Your dad and his friends will definitely spend hours on it.


Cool gift ideas for Dad

Video Recording Sunglasses
For active dads, these sunglasses can capture all the fun! The glasses have an HD 1080P video camera built into the frame, so your dad can show the world ‘his vision’ (dad joke alert). Your dad will only need to push a small button to start recording. The glasses can record up to one hour long videos.

Which one is your favourite gift?x



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