Lucas was recently sent* the Thomas and Friends Alphaphonics to review and we all love it. The Learn with Thomas Alphaphonics is suitable for children age 3 and over. It encourages children to explore the alphabet, early words and spellings with 7 different games which aid early letter and number recognition, communication skills, listening and understanding, memory and concentration skills.

Lucas is made up with it and loves playing the games and singing along to the music. There are 3 buttons at the top, one that lets you listen to the alphabet, one to listen to music and songs and one to repeat a question or sound.


Thomas Alphaphonics review Lucas led on sofa laughing holding the Alphaphonics game


Above these buttons are the 7 activities, where Lucas can slide the control to the activity he would like to do.

Activity one is where you press a letter button to hear the word and sound for example the word whistle then a sound of a whistle.

Activity two, when you press a letter, you hear the letter name and the phonetic sound.

Activity three is a finding game, you are told a character or object to find and if they get it wrong, they have another two chances to try before moving on to another object or character.


Thomas Alphaphonics review Lucas is sat on sofa with the game on his lap, he is looking at it and pressing a button


Activity four is where you have to find the first letter of a word, again you get three chances to find it before moving on. These are related to the pictures too though which really helps Lucas associate the letters and words correctly to characters and objects. For example, find the first letter of James, Lucas can see James on the keypad so he is now associating the letter J with that word  and I have been saying the phonetic sound when we’ve been doing this and also saying, like my name, Jenni or J for jam.

Activity five, you find a phonetic letter from a spoken word. This gives you three chances too.

Activity six you copy a sequence of funny sounds and try to get them in the correct order. On this, you only have one chance.


Thomas Alphaphonics review Lucas isn’t looking down at the game with his mouth wide open


Activity seven is pressing a button and listening to the fun sound associated with the object or character.

To save batteries, the game switches itself off if it’s left idle for around 2 minutes which is great if your little one tends to forget to turn toys off.

As I said at the beginning, we love this game and I know it’s going to be one used over and over again by Lucas. If you know any little train fans, I would definitely recommend it as a birthday or Christmas gift.



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Thomas Alphaphonics


Thomas and Friends Alphaphonics review


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  1. I do love to buy educational toys, anything which helps to learn along the way of having fun, this is wonderful, thank you for the review

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