What do you buy the person who has everything or the person who you know will return or regift what you do buy them? The Book Of Everyone of course!

The book of everyone

Up until two weeks ago, I hadn’t heard of The Book of Everyone and I now love it. I was offered a code to buy one to review it. To be honest when I was offered it, I wasn’t too fussed but I went on the website to check it out and within 5 minutes, I had made one for myself and one for D. I originally wanted to make Lucas one but he is too young. Anyway, I was excitedly putting our details in and became hooked.

The book of everyone

The website is so easy to use, you type in the name and date of birth of who you want the book for and the book becomes personalised to those details. The book is filled with amazing personalised facts, wonderful statistics and told through a nostalgic glance back to the world the person was born into, you even have an ant named after the person…who wouldn’t want that?!

You choose the colour of book you would like and whilst going through the pages, whenever there is a pencil, you can personalise it, adding photos and quotes or choosing between options for certain facts.

The book of everyone

After making ours, I decided to use the code to buy my Grandma one for her 85th birthday. She was delighted when she received it and I was happy that I had got her something that wasn’t going to be the next raffle prize at the WI.

The book of everyone

I purchased the softcover book which retails at £19.50. Books are available in digital format, softcover, hardcover and deluxe edition retailing from £7.50 to £49.50. They also have a Christmas, romantic, mum, dad, milestone and a quickie version.

The book can be made for anyone between the ages of 1 and 101, I think it is the perfect present for those that are hard to buy for or for when you want something a little bit different. It’s fab for when you want something that they can keep and treasure. I would love Lucas to receive one of these as a Christening gift. It’s unique, fun and thoughtful x

The book of everyone



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  1. Oh my God, what a great idea! I love this. It’s the perfect idea for those hard to buy for people. I’m off to check it out.

  2. This is cute! I have friends with unusual names so it’s nice to be able to give them something personalised.

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