As I have previously mentioned, Little Tikes have challenged parents to swop their prams for a trike. I was delighted to receive the Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4 in 1* to review.

The trike came very well packaged and each part was individually protected with card and bubble wrap. There was an instruction manual with images provided which takes you through assembly step by step and listed the parts individually. Assembly itself was horrendous with some of the screws not fitting into place as they had not been manufactured to a good standard. The instructions could be made clearer, maybe with some written instructions to accompany the images.

Little tikes perfect 4 in 1 review

Having said that, the trike looked fab when finally completed and feels very sturdy and of excellent quality. Lucas was very excited to get to grips with his new wheels and finds it very funny being pushed around. After he relaxed into it, he put his arm on the side and watched the world go by. He definitely prefers this to his pram as I think he gets a better view of everything. He also makes use of his cup holder, helping himself to his drink and snacks on the journey. There is a large storage bucket and bottle holder for me to put my bits in for whilst we are out and a full sun shade canapy that can easily be manoeuvred to keep him out of the direct sun.

Little tikes perfect 4 in 1 review

I love it but it won’t be completely replacing the pram as I prefer the pram for when I am attempting to walk Lucas to sleep. The trike retails at £89.99 and is also available in pink. The great part about being the 4 in 1 is that it will last until after he starts riding on his own.

Stage 1 – Foot platform offers a comfortable ride while keeping his feet away from the pedals
Stage 2 – Remove the platform to teach him to pedal
Stage 3 – Removing the waist bar lets him learn to steer
Stage 4 – Removing the parent push bar lets him ride on his own

I would highly recommend this product for it’s look, durability and the big smile I get from Lucas every time he sees it x



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  1. How times have changed, who needs a pushchair for a little one, when you can experience the world in a much more fun way, being pushed around and feeling so much more grown up.
    I have a niece that would love one of these, I will have to show her Mummy this review as her birthday is coming up and this looks such good fun and a great alternative to a traditional buggy.

  2. Lucas is a very lucky little boy! It looks fab 🙂 I’m now too old for one but would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for other little family members 🙂 nice review x

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