How to spot a witch

As every Roald Dahl fan knows, real witches are all around us. They don’t wear black hats and fly around on broomsticks – they are much more difficult to spot…..unless you know the telltale signs. In celebration of its new How to Spot a Witch Manual installation – part of Roald Dahl’s Tremendous Adventures at Tatton Park – here’s the ultimate ‘Witch Spotting Checklist’ for all boys and girls.

Witch Spotting Checklist

  • They always wear gloves.                                                                                                 Witches don’t have normal fingernails, they have thin claws, like cats – which is why they wear gloves ALL THE TIME, even indoors.
  • They are bald as a boiled egg.                                                                                  Many choose to wear very realistic wigs – don’t be fooled!
  • They have large nose holes
    Real witches have an amazing sense of smell due to their very large nose holes – they can smell a child from across the street. And the cleaner the child, the easier they are to smell.
  • Their eyes change colour                                                                                                            If you look carefully at a real witch’s eye, you will notice the pupil changes colour – it will send shivers down your spine.
  • They have no toes                                                                                                                  Real witches have feet with square ends – but they try to hide this by squeezing their feet into pretty shoes. Watch out for them limping!
  • They have blue spit                                                                                                                 Real witches have spit so blue they can even use it to write with it.

Created by props company Flyby Workshop, the installation is part of a number of activities situated around Tatton Park to celebrate 100 years since the beloved author’s birth. Visitors can step inside the interactive ‘book’ and explore various objects and artworks based around the witch-spotting theme

Sarah Mills, Art Director of Altrincham-based Flyby Workshop, said: “We were over the moon when asked to create a prop for the gardens at Tatton. The Witches is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books and one of the things I remember is the thrilling sense of danger and dark humour. I remember the scene in which Grandma explains how you spot a witch – and this became the concept of the piece. We developed the idea of a giant book to enclose the idea of a walk-in art gallery, so we could transport and immerse children and adults in this very important lesson!”

In addition to How to Spot a Witch, a number of other activities are taking place at Tatton throughout the year – including trails around the gardens and mansion , based on books such as Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Danny The Champion of the World and more. For the Roald Dahl year Flyby have also created a giant Willy Wonka inspired chocolate bar, a huge chair inspired by The BFG and a chokey from Roald Dahl’s Matilda amongst other creations.

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15 Comments on How To Spot A Witch With Roald Dahl

  1. I love Roald Dahl I grew up reading his books. This looks great i’ll have to take my little brother and sister.

  2. I used to have all the Roald Dahl books as a kid and they were a lot of fun to read. Regardless of his portrayal of characters which many critics saw as demeaning towards certain groups i.e. women his imagination was unparalleled.

  3. Aww that’s super cute, I must admit I’ve not read as much of Roald Dahl as I’d like but witches are always awesome 😉
    Looking forward to reading about your exploring day soon!


  4. I loved that book and the film when i was little! It was such a fantastic story. So exciting that there’s now a special event dedicated to it.

  5. Omg i love the Roahl Dahl books so many memories. Even though im not a mom I would go to the event and probably took my little cousins. x

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