Lucas is playing with the marble run set and duplo


Lucas was recently sent* the Hubelino marble run to try out. Until it arrived, I have to say we had never seen it before, however Hubelino has been around since 2008. Their products are 100% compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers and are based on the well-known plug-in modular system. They wanted to create products which turn existing children’s toy into an exciting and expandable construction toy. Their mission statement “Imagination grows with Hubelino”, they want to inspire the inventors and thinkers of tomorrow to constantly broaden their horizons and create great things with clever ideas.


The marble run on a red duplo base


Lucas received the 55 piece run elements set which consists of 51 run elements and 4 marbles. I was surprised to see that the set didn’t include any pieces to build or even a base to build on so went up the attic and got the Duplo and base back out for Lucas to build. This set is definitely an add on set for your child’s current building blocks rather than a stand alone set.


The hubelino marble run set up a different way with Lucas playing with it


Lucas enjoyed building various runs and it fit perfectly with the Duplo. I imagine in would fit Lego too but will take more building up to fit properly. The set doesn’t come with instructions as it’s made for the child to build and make their own creations but if you want some suggestions there are plenty on the website to look at. Toys like these are great for an abundance of things at this age, from their dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and encouraging free play to use their imagination and explore the world themselves. They promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. Hubelino work in close cooperation with child development experts, pedagogues and parents to ensure that their products stand up to the rigors of everyday use and align with the latest teaching methods. x



Hubelino marble run, the elements set is 55 pieces to use alongside popular building bricks


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  1. This is brilliant! We are often making mazes and runs for marbles .. until we lose them all under the sofa!

    I love the duplo style of this, it’s brilliant x

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