We’ve been in France for a week now. We’ve come over for a couple of months to look around various areas in the Dordogne with a view to buying over here once our house sale completes. This week has been all about relaxing and finding our feet before we start venturing out. We have been to the supermarket a couple of times, out for dinner and yesterday we went to a soft play centre as Lucas wants to meet some children. A lot of time has been spent around our gite and pool, it has been late 30s and early 40s so it’s been too hot to do much apart of swim x


Lucas and D walking a woodland path

Lucas smiling at camera stood up with arms crossed

Lucas sat smiling wearing a stripy orange and white poncho with palm trees on

Lucas and D walking along a French village road

Lucas and D are sat at the table working. I have taken the photo from abover on the landing

Lucas pushing a children’s trolley at supermarket

Lucas is sat looking at the camera next to a flower pot

Lucas is swimming in the pool holding onto a yellow float

Lucas is knelt down in soft play area


14 Comments on The ordinary moments #35 – France week 1

  1. Your first week of relaxing sounds lovely! I didn’t realise it was sooo hot out there at the moment! Having the pool to use is such a bonus for you all.
    Hope Lucas enjoyed meeting french children at the play centre. X

    • He did enjoy seeing other children, we saw an outdoor play area last night so I think we will go there today as it’s overcast at the moment x

    • Good thank you, going to start looking at places properly from tomorrow. We really like the lifestyle though so I’m glad we’ve come over to try it properly. Just need to learn the language!x

  2. I would love to move to France. I will have to follow you to see how you get on.
    Looks like you had a good first week there.

    I am so sorry I am behind. catching up on three weeks worth of posts now!! #mysundaysnapshot

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