We are big fans of Brio having already got the Brio builder deluxe set and the Brio Metro Railway Set. Lucas can’t get enough of trains so when we were offered* the Brio Travel Switching Set to review, I couldn’t wait to show Lucas. Since getting the metro railway set earlier in the year, we have picked up pieces of Brio track when we have seen them in charity shops and I love that about the Brio sets, they can all be interchanged, you don’t have to spend on newer tracks as they stay the same. Brio have started some smart tech tunnels, track and trains though which look amazing but again, they can be used with the older track so nothing is made obsolete, it just gives the child more relaxed build on and further use their imagination.


Brio travel switching train set review


The travel switching train set includes 19 pieces of track, 2 switching tracks, 4 travel train engines, 2 travel train carriages, 1 station, 3 rock supports, 1 suspension bridge, 2 block supports, 5 people figures, 1 signal post, 1 sign post, 1 suitcase.


Brio travel switching train set review


The travel switching set has two lines. The blue line has a battery powered train that takes passengers to the modern station where it meets up with the red line train. The lift goes and up and down using the crank, taking passengers to their platforms. The battery powered train has three buttons on it, one to move forward, one to reverse and the middle one to stop. The switching tracks have a small lever for Lucas to move, dependant on which way he wants the train to go.


Brio travel switching train set review


Lucas has loved playing with the set but has mainly enjoyed mixing them with his other track to make his own Brio town with various track, station and tunnel combinations.



Brio travel switching train set review


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  1. My son would absolutely love this. He loves trains and train tracks and at two years old Brio is perfect for him and amazing for his imagination. Thanks for the great review. I will add this to his Christmas list! 🙂

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