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Continuing with Blogtober, today’s challenge is to share an old photo of me. I’ve not had time to look for a new one to share so I’m pinching one I used last year in my eight photos of happiness post.

Blogtober #2 a photo on me and my brother sat on a trampoline with 6 cousins

Not the greatest of quality as I’ve taken a photo on my ipad from the photo in a frame. It was taken a few years ago at my Aunties house when we were all celebrating a birthday. Not sure who’s as we visit for all of them.

My brother who is at the back is currently moving into his first house. My cousin in the blue hoody has spent 2 years in Australia since this photo and brought back a gorgeous Aussie girlfriend. My cousin in the middle is travelling New Zealand at the moment before working her way back home via any countries her and her boyfriend fancy. My cousin next to me is currently looking round uni’s for next year, her sister to the left is doing her GCSE’s this year. To the left of her is my cousin who is in year 8 and the one at the bottom is the youngest of us all, still in primary school x



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