I have been tagged by Laura from Mummy Lala to complete eight photos of happiness. This tag was originally started by a lady named Ariel Ward over at Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet.

Rules and explanation of this tag:

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The photos can represent a moment, an object, a place or feeling that makes you happy.
Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking.
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me and 2 of my friends when we were about 7 years old. All wearing knitted jumpers

This photo was taken in 1989 (I think). I chose this as S and B who I am with in the photo have been two constant friends in my life. It doesn’t matter if B and I haven’t managed to see eachother for a year, when we get together it feels like we only saw eachother the week before and she is someone I know I can always turn to. S built Lucas’ cot for him x

me and 2 of my friends on a night out, all smiling at the camera. We would have been about 18

This is on a night out with my 2 best friends that I met in college. We think this would have been taken around 2004 x

my cousins and I sat on a trampoline

This is a photo of me with some of my cousins at a family get together. It was taken at my Aunties house but I’m not sure when, the youngest on the photo is 8 soon so I think it must have been taken within the past 6 years x

D and I at a festival wedding sat down in front of a gazebo

This was taken in 2011 at our friends wedding, they had a festival wedding with a hog roast, live music and take your own booze. We didn’t fancy camping out so we stayed in a B&B x

D and I smiling at the camera, wrapped up in winter clothes

This is one of the many photos we have of us in The Lake District. I think this would have been 2012/2013, we like to stay near Windermere at least once a year x

Lucas 3d scan image

This is the first time we saw Lucas’ face, we went for a 4D scan in 2014. It was amazing how much we could see of him moving around, sucking his thumb and I could immediately see the similarity between Lucas’ features and Ds mum x

D and I when we first had Lucas. I am sat in birthing pool holding Lucas

This is my favourite photo, the first photo of us as a family 15th Feb 2015 x

Lucas sat in his rocking chair smiling up at the camera

Lucas on the 11th September, my beautiful baby boy xx

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