It’s my birthday today, I’m not doing much but Lucas is off school today as he’s still on his Christmas holidays from school. This week, his school have been on a ski trip which Lucas didn’t want to go on. We didn’t want to push him either as he is only 4 and week away when he isn’t fluent in the language seemed a bit too much. Here are some other things that have happened on January 10th in an infographic from CashLady


infographic showing what happened on 10th january

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6 Comments on What happened on January 10th?

  1. Happy birthday to you! I hope you had a great day. Nice how you’ve searched what happened on your birthday during the years.

  2. Wow, I did not know about so many interesting happen on 10 Jan and now I know and remember this important day also my favorite brand designer dies, Coco Chanel. BTW, Happy birthday to you.

  3. Happy Birthday hope you had a lovely day! Its nice to have Lucas home for it I am sure. Four is young to go on a ski trip bless him. Looks like you share your birthday with a few moments in history. I had no idea Rod Stewart was that old!

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