Life less ordinary canvas bag that the handwriting bracelets arrived in


We were recently sent a couple of bracelets from Life Less Ordinary.

Ethical, Fairtrade and cruelty free products are at the heart of everything Life Less Ordinary do. Their cotton bags are Fairtrade, their tagua nuts are cruelty free and their business cards are made from recycled T shirts!




They are a new handmade, ethical jewellery company based in Brighton. They offer personalised jewellery made from Tagua seed, which is known as vegetable ivory. This amazing seed has the properties of ivory but is sustainable and cruelty free. All of their jewellery is inspired by their love of the unique and their desire to keep memories close, even when they are doing something less exciting!




There is the Adventure Collection bracelets, anklets and necklaces with mountains, ocean waves, camper vans and starry nights that make perfect travel jewellery.




The Reserva Collection are bracelets where for every bracelet sold, Reserva Youth Land Trust will be able to protect a classroom-sized area of the incredible Chocó Rainforest in Ecuador. The Reserva Youth Land Trust is the world’s first entirely youth-funded nature reserve


handwriting vegan necklace


Lucas and I were sent a signature hand writing bracelet each. With this custom engraved bracelet you can immortalise the signature of the first love letter your partner ever sent you, the handwriting of a loved one you miss, or even a sentimental note sent by your best friend years ago. Whatever you most treasure, they can turn into a bracelet you’ll wear forever.


Lucas' writing Lucas on an a4 sheet of white paper


I wanted a bracelet with Lucas’ writing saying Mummy. Lucas asked what I wanted it for and decided he wanted a bracelet too with Lucas written on it. He wrote out both Lucas and Mummy on plain pieces of paper and added a love heart to each before he was satisfied with them. I emailed them a photo of each to Life Less Ordinary and they rescaled it to fit our bracelets perfectly.


Lucas' writing saying Mummy on a4 sheet of white paper


The plaque is ethically crafted from tagua nut, the band is made from comfortable, durable waxed cotton and adjustable up to 28cm around but if you needed larger, you can let them know before you order. The tagua nut is in fact a seed so nut allergy sufferers need not worry. As no two nuts are ever exactly the same, your finished product will be as unique as your treasured memories. The plaque can be engraved on both sides so I asked for the month and year to be engraved on the back where you won’t see, to remind me of when Lucas wrote it.


Lucas and mummy handwriting bracelets from life less ordinary with countryside in the background


You can choose your band colour from black, brown, blue, burgundy, purple or a combination of 2 colours. We chose the Lucas bracelet in blue and burgundy and the Mummy bracelet in blue and purple. I absolutely love the bracelets, they are beautiful and the quality is superb. Lucas loves having something that he wrote on and it is a gorgeous keepsake for us.


Me wearing the mummy bracelet


I also love the ethics of the company, the way they source their products and the way they give back to charities. 10% of their net profits go directly to some amazing causes across the world. These include Reserva Youth Land Trust, Indigo Volunteers and One World Projects.


Lucas wearing the lucas bracelet


Personalised handwriting bracelet


Life Less Ordinary bracelets review. Personalised jewellery made from Tagua seed, also known as vegetable ivory. Sustainable and fairtrade


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  1. I think it’s amazing how they can transfer your handwriting onto something smaller. I would love one with the coordinates of my boys hometown

    • That’s such a novel idea. We do a coordinates bracelet as well but nobody has ever thought of putting the two ideas together! Good thinking 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic way to have something so precious that lasts forever and makes you smile every time you would look at it.

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