Wax melts are small blocks of wax, it is made of the same exact material as a candle. The method of using both is very different. A candle is required to be burned to release its aromas, while wax melts require to be melted. To use a wax melt, a wax burner is required, you simply ignite a tea light. The heat from the tea light will cause the wax to melt. There are also electrical wax melt burners that heat up the wax without an open flame making this a much safer product to use in the presence of children. Be sure to place the electric wax burner somewhere safe and secure. Using an electrical wax melt burner is a much more convenient way of using your wax melts as it is all done for you by the touch of a button.


a selection of colourful wax melts


Benefits of using wax melts

Wax melts are a great way of providing natural aromas in your living space, and to skip the use of household chemicals to fragrance your home. The use of wax melts can completely change the feel in your home, the presence of natural aromas will help you relax.

Many people use scented candles to provide natural aromas in their homes. Using wax melts instead can be much more cost-effective, as the scent within wax melts would last much longer than of a scented candle.

Avoid using paraffin wax

Most scented candles and cheap wax melts contain paraffin which is a concentrate of petroleum. People that have asthma or lung problems will get affected by paraffin in the air, and they will often react in shortness of breath and headaches. I would recommend using soy wax, as it contains no paraffin and is made of a more natural ingredient. Try to use wax melts that been scented with essential oils.


electronic ceramic white flowery wax burner


Using wax melts with meditation and yoga

People that practices yoga or meditation will often use incense sticks to bring natural aromatic smell to help them focus and be more relaxed. Using wax melts can be more effective especially if you are using soy wax melt, the aromatic smell is cleaner and smoother. Some people are sensitive to the use of incense sticks, using wax melts is a great alternative.

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What are wax melts and how to use them


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  1. I’d love this for my husband’s office now he’s working from home. Some relaxing scents would help him when work gets stressful!

  2. I’ve not tried wax melts before, not sure why but they sound lovely! I bet the scents are gorgeous! I do love my candles and incense sticks but I would love to give this a try.

  3. This would be great to bring some joy and beauty to my home – the smell alone will cheer us all xx

  4. I would love this! Everyone seems obsessed with wax melts at the moment so I’d love to have some myself 🙂

  5. Ive seen these a lot! I would like to get some, I usually just use a candle but would like to change it up!

  6. I had a wax burner but it got broken and I have not found a pretty one that I like until now. I have never seen an electric one I think that would be so much easier. I suffer anxiety this would help by sending out some relaxing scents when life becomes stressful

  7. I absolutely love my warmers and melts! The warmers in your post are absolutely stunning and I have a feeling I need them both, deadly showing me that site, as they may have a new customer very soon!

  8. Daughter bought her friend some as a house warming gift and said we need to get some too so this would be fantastic to win

    • Candles and waxes are amazing. It’s the first thing I do once iids are asleep burners on and wax melts

  9. fab prize,my friend has one of these and they smell wonderful,much better than normal aerosols,and they last longer

  10. Ooh I have one of these and find them really comforting to have on. Id love to win one for my daughter

  11. Grateful for the post as I haven’t used wax melts for years so it has reminded me to start using them again.

  12. I bought my sister an electric wax melt burner for Christmas and have wanted one ever since. I should have bought two!

  13. This is beautiful I don’t own an electrical one neither, it’s my birthday today fingers crossed for a lucky lockdown prize xx

  14. I’ve never tried wax melts before but will have to do so as they sound much safer to use than candles especially with pets around.
    Thanks for an interesting post

  15. Aromatherapy for the home. It is nice to have pleasant scents / smells / aromas :- Chemical FREE Please!

  16. l love my candles and would absolutely love a wax melter they look so lovely and would make any room more cosy.

  17. I love wax melts. Have one burning most days but not in as anything as beautiful as the electric burner

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