I have always been a huge Yankee candle fan, they are the candles, wax melts and accessories that are always on my birthday and Christmas wish lists. At a previous BlogOn (a blogging conference that happens twice a year in Manchester), there were some reps from Heart and Home there and they gave us a small candle in our goody bags. It was a beautiful pink jar called True Enchantment and the fragrance is a subtle one that involves bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood, middle notes of tuberose and nutmeg and top notes of lemon and ginger.

On Sunday, I went to BlogOn again and the reps from Heart and Home were there again. This time, I got chance to have a longer chat with them. I learnt that the Heart and Home candles are made from soy wax, and knowing the benefits of burning candles at home, this is a major thing I take into consideration now when choosing candles.


Heart and Home candles


Soy candles are free from any artificial or toxic elements, meaning they burn cleanly and last much longer than traditional paraffin and also allow the scent through clearly. Heart and Home clearly state on their website that the candles are made from soy wax, I struggled to find any ingredients on the Yankee candle website, not even a mention of the wax type. When I have investigated this a little more, it does seem that they are created using paraffin wax. The top of the candle jars always turn black from the soot as well which suggests they are paraffin rather than clean soy.

As well as being healthier to burn, Heart and Home also cost less and I think the quality of the scent is on a par with Yankee candles so I am definitely converted. In the goody bag on Sunday I received a Simply Mulberry candle which is just amazing. It isn’t a scent I would have picked myself but I absolutely love it. It consists of bottom notes of citrus and strawberry, middle notes of mulberry and cherry and top notes of apple and raspberry.

Heart and Home also have some beautiful accessories for the candles and melts as well as car air fresheners and fragrance sachets to place in drawers and wardrobes. I particularly liked one they were displaying on Sunday but I cant find it on the website but it was a fab gold carousel type topper than turned with the heat of the candle. The one for the small candle cost about £6 and the large one about £11 so I will be treating myself to one of those when I see them on sale x

Shop here for Heart and Home on Amazon

Shop here for Yankee Candle on Amazon


Heart and Home candles

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21 Comments on Heart and Home candle Vs Yankee candle

  1. Now this is my kinda post!! I am admittedly a massive Yankee Candle fan (especially around Christmas time – their Christmas scents are amazing…) but I am definitely going to try Heart and Home candles. They sound really good.

  2. Karen i love the mulberry black cherry and baked apple.the baked apple wax melts are beautiful and i love the scented sachets

  3. I always have a mixture of candles that I light at home and of late i have been using up all my yankee candles so I can purchase some new ones for autumn. Though they have there faults I still like yankee candles

    • Tried the lavender and sage one. It smells lovely but dosnt fill my room with the scent. Unfortunate! I will stick to my yankees

  4. I’ve only ever had one Yankee candle and that was the cherry vanilla scent. I tend to buy mine from Asda but I will look around for the heart and home ones as they have some amazing scents!

  5. Mulberry sounds like it will smell delicious. I was in the Yankee candle shop they other day but they didn’t have any smells that I liked. I will have to check out Heart and Home

  6. Yankee Candles make me sneeze, so I don’t buy them. These Heart & Home candles sound really good so will have to try them.

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