You’ve found your perfect wedding venue and now you need to find your perfect wedding DJ.

There are several options available during a wedding reception such as music bands and DJ. Both are good, but if you choose a wedding DJ over a group of bands, there are several things to consider. If you want to have an exceptional and strong music performance during the wedding reception, knowing the ways to determine the best among others is the crucial part.

Asking for Referrals

You can seek recommendations from your relatives and colleagues. If you have attended their wedding reception before with a fantastic DJ, you can ask for the DJ’s name and the contact number. Usually, the venue also has some recommended wedding DJ’s that are often invited to perform at the venue.

One thing noteworthy is, take recommendations from people that you trust and know. If you have decided one DJ, arrange a meeting with him or her to ask some questions. It is better if you can find their latest performance at a wedding reception on YouTube, or see it directly.

Choose the One who Understands the Venue

Make sure that the DJ you want to hire, understands the venue. You could ask him or her if they have had any previous experience performing at the place. This is important because different venues will have different acoustics. The room’s acoustic affects the sound of the music, due to this it can affect the sound of the whole performance.

It is fine to hire a DJ that never had experience perform at the venue. Just make sure that he is willing to check out the venue before performing. If they don’t want to check, cross their name off your list.

Check the DJ’s Personality

No one ever wanted to have a dull wedding party. To avoid this, they will hire a personalised wedding DJ to make the wedding more fun and delightful. But what if the DJ personality is flat? It will surely ruin your party.

Checking the DJ’s personality is very important before choosing the DJ you want to hire. You can meet with him to analyse his character and personality. You can talk about your favourite music and vibe to the DJ. See if he can create a fantastic atmosphere for the party.

Hire a DJ that Can Act as the Master of Ceremonies

The DJ can help you to announce the time for the first dance, introduce the person that will give a speech, tell the time to have dinner, and so on.

Team of DJs

If you are arranging a big wedding ceremony, it may be better to hire a team of DJs instead of just a one-person team. Extra set of hands can make the celebration successful and worth it. The team of DJs will coordinate to perform the best performance with a smooth transition between one track to another.

Always Do Vetting

Do you have someone who is a DJ and know them well? They could be your friends, colleagues, or even your relatives? Having someone that you know can give you both advantages and disadvantages. The benefit is you don’t need to waste more time to select the best DJ for your wedding ceremony. You don’t even need to search for the DJs list on the internet or ask for referrals.

The disadvantage is, you may find it difficult to choose another DJ that is better than your acquaintance. If you are facing the disadvantage issue, then push yourself to consider their qualifications and not the relationship. You are hiring someone to become your DJ at the wedding party, not hiring relative. Just be professional here.

Look at Examples

Asking for their examples is not rude at all so don’t be hesitant to do this. They will happily show you their previous work. Just make sure you listen to the song thoroughly so you can hear the transition between tracks.
Pick the DJs team that can make the transition goes smoothly without a break.

Choose a DJ Company that Offers Extra Special Packages

Some DJ companies also offer extra special packages to make your wedding day more enjoyable. They provide packages with photo booths, up lighting, and other add-ons so that the reception becomes more extraordinary.

You can go from one DJ company to another to find the best package that fits your needs. Compare the price between the DJ companies and choose the most affordable for you.

Choose the DJ that Specialises in Weddings

Finding DJs may not be hard, since many events nowadays will hire a DJ to entertain the guests. Nightclubs, wedding ceremonies, and corporate events are the most likely to have DJs. Despite this, these DJs typically have the same skills to create entertaining music tracks, just different experiences.

You should hire a wedding DJ instead of a nightclub DJ who may offer more for your wedding ceremony.
Every DJ has their music style. You should choose the one that has the same music style as yours.


How Do I Find the Right Wedding DJ


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