Holiday season is right around the corner, and now’s the perfect time to start with all that gift hunting and shortlisting- if you haven’t already. If you’re wondering the right gifts to pick for the little ones, I’ve got some help for you.  I highly suggest checking out Wicked Uncle. Wicked Uncle have gifts for children of all ages from babies to teens. On their website you select whether you are looking for a boy or girl and their age. The search results come up with various gifts suitable in prices to suit all budgets. It seriously is that simple!

Tons of studies have pointed out how choosing the right toys can actually help improve cognitive development in children and make them smarter individuals. So here’s helping you do just that. Read on to discover some quick tips and tricks to choose the right toys for the children, whether it is for Christmas or just for a birthday!

Pick Toys That Boost Imagination

Building and open-ended toys like LEGO, Magna Tiles and wooden blocks as well as make-believe toys like a kitchen set, ice cream truck or a cafe set are great when it comes to boosting imagination in children. They are a great investment you could make since they’ll be enjoyed for many years.

These toys can help boost the child’s imagination and provide the perfect opportunity for some pretend play. Animal figurines, fruits and vegetables, trucks and other such small objects can also take it up a notch and offer a constructive learning experience for the child.  

Choose Manipulative Toys

Toys and games that encourage manipulative play, for instance, construction toys and puzzles, are another excellent choice. These can help boost muscle control in children and at the same time, improve their concentration and focus.

A musical instrument

Your child will have a lot of areas of cognitive improvement from learning an instrument. Music playing and learning enhances memory, concentration, attentiveness, creating and recalling of memory, and more. All of which are areas of the mind that come in handy in later life such as school or work environments.

Strategy Games Work

Strategy games such as Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4 and Tetris can be a great gifting option. These games focus on building the child’s logic and reasoning power and can help him develop simple planning and organisational strategies at an early age itself. If you’re picking something for an older child (over 10 years of age), you can also consider getting your hands on science kits and games. They can not just be educative and informative but can also spike the child’s interest and improve his problem-solving skills.

Pick Games that Boost Creativity

Toys and games that revolve around art and craft activities and those that are focused at boosting your child’s creativity can be a great no-fail gifting option. Most children love them and are immediately drawn towards them. Painting sets, DIY project kits, clay and moulding sets, soap making kits, doodle and scribble boards, greeting card kits are all good options.


Choosing toys to improve children's cognitive development


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  1. Love this so much and it is so very important to find the proper toys that the kiddos not only love to-lay with but that are helping with their congnative development as well.

  2. These are great things for new parents and parents of younger children. I always looked and sought after toys/objects aimed for development. Also programs on TV. Thanks for sharing!

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