We all have our own musical tastes and talents, whether we learned a little of an instrument in school or as a child or found an adult interest. With many people switching to homeschooling part or full time due to the times, thinking about adding to your child’s curriculum is a common part of parents’ lives. If you’ve never considered adding learning a new instrument to your child’s life you might want to due to the many benefits it can bring. Here are some of the important benefits of teaching your child an instrument.

Improved Motor Skills

Motor skills are an incredibly important part of a developing person. By learning to play an instrument, children are able to better understand and control those fine motor skills over time. This is especially helpful for children that are having noticeable trouble with motor skill functions as they develop.

Cognitive development

Your child will have a lot of areas of cognitive improvement from learning an instrument. Music playing and learning enhances memory, concentration, attentiveness, creating and recalling of memory, and more. All of which are areas of the mind that come in handy in later life such as school or work environments.

Emotional Benefits

Music naturally has a calming effect on most people and helps many to handle their emotions better. Playing music can be a great coping method for children facing hard times currently or in the future. From more calmness to better coping with stress, your child can benefit emotionally from being taught how to play an instrument.

Academic Improvement

Music has a high correlation with math along with other academic or related topics. Learning an instrument can improve a child’s abilities in math, reading, comprehension, listening, and many more important aspects of academic areas that are needed in school environments or life.

More Bonding

If you have the skill or time to teach your child the instrument personally, you both have a lot to gain from it emotionally. Even if you don’t teach your child personally, by interacting with them through the process with encouragement, listening, and support you can still have improved bonding. 


Regardless of if you’ve learned an instrument in your own life or not, some of these could be known and some could be new to you. If you find some or all of these benefits appealing to what you want for your child’s assets you may want to consider the options for teaching them an instrument. This is a great way you can improve your child’s  life from home no matter whether they’re in full or part-time home school. Music can be a great way to improve so many aspects of a child or person’s life, and starting early is a great way to capitalise on that.


Benefits of Teaching Your Child an Instrument


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  1. I’ve always felt important to teach children and instrument..it teaches them much more like discipline and helps with their creativity!

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