I have been slowly making changes to make our house use less plastic. I haven’t wanted to suddenly throw everything out to buy new eco-friendly products because one, I couldn’t afford to suddenly change everything but two, that defeats the point of being eco friendly, throwing away useable items so when things have been worn out, rather than buy new plastic ones or ones that don’t biodegrade so easily, I have been looking at what will produce less waste long term.

I have recently been introduced to EarthBits. They firmly believe real change comes from both individual and societal choices, but as a family that still tries to live a plastic-free life every day, they are very aware of how challenging this can be, especially for families and young people. They’ve decided to use their experience and desire to protect the planet and make it easier for people to find products they can trust are not going to damage the environment.


EarthBits wooden natural dish wash brushes and natural wash cloths

Eco-friendly dish brush bundle

This full set of cleaning brushes will cover all your needs for hand washing in the kitchen. All the brushes are fully biodegradable, and the metal wire that holds the coconut fibres together is 100% recyclable. The bundle includes a coconut fibre round head dish brush, coconut fibre bottle brush, pot scrubber made from sisal bristles and wood and a wooden dish brush with sisal bristles.

I love them, the heads are very hardwearing but soft enough not to scratch my dishes and glasses. They look fab too, wooden handles look much nicer than plastic.

Eco-friendly dish sponges

These amazingly versatile eco-friendly kitchen sponges are made with organic fabrics that are fully compostable. The internal lining is bamboo, renowned for its antibacterial properties; one side is organic cotton, suitable for delicate surfaces, the other is made of hessian fabric, perfect for scrubbing away the dirt on dishes and cups.

You can use them time and time again, washing them when needed in the washing machine. Once they come to the end of their life, cut them in small pieces and pop them in your compost. They will naturally biodegrade. They come in a pack of 2, with 4 colourful distinctive design to choose from, dinosaurs, cactus, bees and clouds.


Vegan reusable wax food wraps

Vegan food wraps

Now, I have seen beeswax food wraps before but I didn’t realise you could get vegan food wraps. These vegan wraps are a great step to cut down on your plastic usage while using a product made 100% of plant-based materials. The Vegan food wraps are handmade using organic cotton. They are a fantastic eco-friendly way to protect and maintain your food fresh and a sustainable alternative to cling film! The pack includes 2 wraps, a smaller one at 20x20cm and a bigger one measuring 30x30cm.

The wraps last about a year, to increase the lifespan and keep them clean, just wash with lukewarm water and a tiny bit of washing up soap. After a year, you can rewax with a vegan wax refresher block to use it for another!


Natural laundry soap nuts

Soap nuts

I haven’t tried these yet as we are getting a new washing machine soon so I want to wait for that and use them in a washing machine that hasn’t had any chemicals in. These berry shells grow on the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas and they naturally contain a cleaning agent that works like detergent, called saponin. Saponin is amazing at penetrating the fibres of your clothes, lifting stains from the fabric that is then rinsed away.

Soap nuts work at all temperatures from 30. C – 90. C. Get the best out of their natural cleaning properties by putting them in a mug with hot water just before using them, or make liquid soap that can also be used as a natural pesticide for your plants, shampoo and even a general cleaner for your home!

You can use the same soapnuts for approx 4-6 washes, once they start they start to turn dull grey and the shells become flimsy you simply place them in your compost as they are 100% biodegradable.



EarthBits have very kindly offered one reader the chance to win a pack of their eco-friendly dish sponges. You can choose the design between dinosaurs, cactus, bees and clouds, subject to availability. Use the app below to enter, good luck!

Win a set of eco-friendly dish sponges


Going plastic free in the kitchen. I am making easy changes to make my home and kitchen more eco friendly including vegan reusable food wrap


114 Comments on Going plastic free in the kitchen

  1. This is a wonderful prize! I’m slowly changing to no plastic more sustainable products but it ain’t cheap! Would love to win!

  2. I love to hear about products that are eco friendly and fully biodegradable so they don’t pollute the planet so thank you for this review, I’ll be checking this company out further

  3. I am trying to be more eco friendly and these ideas and reviews give me some great ideas to help me on my journey

  4. I don’t like to have the kitchen clean and tidy. It somehow can give ‘a warm glow inside ‘, a sort of ” Sense of Wellbeing “. I think it come from ‘aiming to to do the best / my best ‘ when it comes to this Important room within the house. It’s purpose / role is so Important for ‘everyone ‘ :- Ourselves, family, friends, visitors, etc.

    As the kitchen in a way is ‘the heart of the home ‘. As it is where we produce / provide food / nourishment, refreshments, sustenance. We need the kitchen to be clean in order that what food and refreshments we provide are truly healthy, nourishing, as is our intent. Caring.

    Planet Earth provides for us. Which perhaps we need to Appreciate and Respect. In doing so is Caring and the Environment, and ‘everyone ‘. Up to date information / knowledge / understanding is beneficial in this aspect. We can aim to do our best, whilst live our lives. Respect for our Environment is Important. Thanks for your Care.

  5. What a great company! I’m trying my best to chose sustainable products, toiletries, recycle. So thing I am teaching my daughter. These are great.

  6. Bees sound fun. It’s difficult to change our habits and cut out plastic but the above items make it easier.

  7. Great products, we could do with some lovely plastic-free things to replace the ones in the kitchen xx

  8. These look great and I would love to try. It seems now with all the extra restrictions and rules in place that plastic is being used even more and thrown away more, so this is a great prize to see.

  9. we have soap nuts and we also have a bar washing up soap for the disches as well as some scrubbies dish clothes – like you we are working hard to go eco friendly and green as much as possible in the kitchen.

    We used some soap nuts as well to make like cleaning spray for the kitchen surfaces which worked out really well

  10. I feel like any insult can be enhanced by adding absolute as a prefix e.g. you absolute eco-friendly dish sponge.

  11. My grandkids keep me informed about eco issues, that they learn about at school. I think the kids would approve of these on Grannys bench x

  12. Particularly like the sound of the kitchen sponges – I’m constantly on the look out for a decent alternative!

  13. Great prize, we have been talking to our daughter about recycling this week.

    I explained to her my Dad (her Grandad) spent years working in a factory making recycled egg boxes.

  14. I love the ethics behind this company! We are always looking for was to become more ecologically friendly as a family and I firmly believe that even the smallest change is a move in the right direction.

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