With the struggles the world faced last year, it is clear that your normal birthday and holiday celebrations aren’t what they usually are. Whether it is your birthday or someone else’s special day, we need to think of new ways to celebrate that are safe but that are still so thoughtful. Here are a few ideas to make sure that you can celebrate a birthday while still remaining safe!


Friends gathered together aroubd a birthday cake with a lady blowing the candles out

Gather Well Wishes From Their Loved Ones

It is highly likely that all of your loved ones are not able to make it to celebrate this year. If that is the case, try gathering videos, pictures, or cards from everyone that is too far away to celebrate with you. You can turn them into a slideshow or a photo album to document and compile all their well wishes!

Decorate their yard

Happy birthday yard signs are a pleasant surprise to wake up to! You can put the sign in their yard or patio, along with streamers, balloons, and even stuffed animals. Of course, this is all weather permitting. You don’t want that cuddly bear getting lost in the snow! Don’t be afraid to deck out their space because they are going to love it!

Send Them Something Sweet

Since baking isn’t everyone’s forte, why not let someone else do the hard work for you? Bakeries will let you pick the perfect sweet treat and send it off to be enjoyed on their special day. They ship everything packed precisely with cold packs to ensure goods aren’t ruined in transit.


Flowers being delivered to the door

Give Them the Gift of Life

You can get them a new plant to take care of! You can always go the flower route if they don’t want to be responsible for another living thing yet. However, if they are up for the challenge, we say go for it!

Take Care of Dinner for Them

There are indeed people out there that would love to cook for themselves and spend time in the kitchen on their birthday. However, most people want to have the hard work done for them. Plus, no one wants to do dishes on their birthday. A way to help them out with this is by either cooking for them, if they are nearby, or ordering dinner to be delivered right to them.

Surely you know their favourite dishes, so order it up for them! Of course, be sure to tell them first. That way, you ensure they are home and haven’t bought something else yet. If they are dead set on ordering out for themselves, don’t be afraid to send them money to cover part of the cost!

Send a Sweet Card

Giving a loved one a birthday card for their special day can make them feel so special and it requires little to no extra effort. If a card is the summation of your gift this year, try and splurge for one that is intricate, well-made, and a showstopper. Then, be sure to fill it with kind thoughts and well-wishes for a great birthday! You could also go for a seed paper card that they can plant after their birthday to turn into wildflowers.

Discuss Their Goals for the New Year

Sometimes, one of the best gifts you can give someone is to listen to them. Reflect on what they accomplished last year and what is on their to-do list this year. It is an extremely thoughtful way to celebrate with them. Give them the spotlight and be sure you are all ears!


We know that everyone likes to be celebrated in their own way, so be sure to pick something you feel is right for them and you! They are going to appreciate the thought and love you put into everything. Happy celebrating!


Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate a Birthday. Here are a few ideas to make sure that you can celebrate a birthday while still remaining safe!

This is a guest post. Alycia Coloma is a mother to four beautiful girls and loves to craft DIY projects in her spare time. She enjoys finding new ways to work with tight budgets and spreading her knowledge to parents everywhere. Alycia is a staunch advocate of continuing education and believes that an insatiable hunger for knowledge is the key to better finances, a warm family, and fulfilling life as a whole. She’s also a kitchen connoisseur on the side and has been known to whip up some mean empanadas.


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  1. Awww! I wanted to do something nice for the people that I loved most. And I am trying to find ways how to celebrate their birthdays in a simple but impactful way. Thanks for these ideas.

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