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With us being away from family, I am always interested in things to make the gap closer. Whether this is face time calls so Lucas can see family and have a chat or creating photo books that my Grandparents receive through the post monthly.

The people behind TELL App got in touch with me to let me know about an app they have on Kickstarter at the moment.

It is the first app to bring families closer together through revolutionary storytelling and digital voice interaction! TELL allows you to record and share incredible stories with the ones you love at the touch of a button.

From narrating children’s bedtime stories like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to send to the children, to sharing your own personal memories, like the day your child was born. TELL records your voice and places it alongside beautiful illustrations for your family to see and hear. With TELL, these treasured memories are kept safe forever to pass down through the generations.

Imagine the children being able to hear how Granddad met Grandma, listening to their voices after they’ve gone, or connecting with them by reading a bedtime story when you’re stuck away on a business trip. TELL creates real, lasting connections in a way no other app can.


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The people behind the app, include Kara Tointon, who you may know best for starring in Eastenders, Mr Selfridge and the Halcyon to Sound of Music Live and Man in the White Suit. She’s also the voice of dyslexia in the UK, including her work in the BBC documentary “Don’t Call Me Stupid” and with Dyslexia Action.

Marius Jensen, Kara’s husband-to-be, father of their son Frey, a health industry entrepreneur and the visionary behind the TELL idea. He’s TELL’s main storyteller and CEO.

Christopher Esclapez is an engineer and holds an MBA degree from INSEAD. He’s built successful media companies and now manages everything operational in TELL, getting this show on the road!

Victor Asafov is a seasoned technical director, from building big companies’ IT systems to mobile apps and websites in startup mode, he’s done it all. He manages TELL backstage.


tell app, a story telling app for familie


They still need help to put the finishing touches on the app itself and the story illustrations, to get this app out of development and onto your phone. A pledge as low as £5 gets you advance access and a trial month in the app, and they’ve included some really great rewards, some of which make you a real part of the TELL founding story. Click here to find out more and how you can back the campaign.

The app will be available for backers in the Apple AppStore and Google Play in December 2019. It will
first be launched in its English version and will expand in 2020 with versions in French, German,
Scandinavian, Korean, Russian, and Arabic, each with their unique storytelling history and culture.

If you would like the chance to win an annual subscription, enter below

TELL app


16 Comments on TELL App, a story telling app for families

  1. what a great idea, I know my niece and my daughter would love reading from this together or fighting over it haha!!

  2. I am excited to try this app! You know how important family history is to me, but I kind of stink at relaying it to my kids. They are always asking my niece for stories of he is a little boy, but when they ask me I’m totally stumped. I want to be better about sharing stories about our extended families too because it is so important for people to know where they came from.

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