Lucas looking out over a lake autumn adventures


Oh my goodness the weather has gone cold and it has been so rainy recently. Not one to let the weather dampen our moods and keep us inside, Lucas and I have still been out and about on adventures.


Lucas walking through a field looking up into the trees

Ninja battles

Imagine walking along and all of a sudden you are surrounded by your ninja friends asking you to help fight off Garmadon. If it’s windy and rainy, it only adds to the fun. Kick, punch and swirl away as you battle through the elements and embrace your imagination.

Lucas broached down looking at mushrooms through binoculars

Climb a Roman mound

Unless you are lucky, you are unlikely to be living close to a Roman mound. However, I’m sure there are some hills somewhere near that can turn into a Roman mound for you to climb and explore what treasures you find on the way to the top. Survey your land once you reach the top and check your enemies aren’t on their way. Take a break up here with a drink and biscuit before you make your way back down.

Lucas on a scavenger hunt with his magnetic board

Nature trail

Get out in nature and explore your senses. The colours of the leaves and the sound they make as you crunch over them on the ground. The scent of the forest floor, the smooth conkers, the crisp leaves and rough bark. Lucas got a scavenger hunt magnetic board last Christmas where he has to find objects such as a Y shaped twig; heart-shaped pebble, feather or animal track. Take out binoculars to get a better look and investigate what you may find.


Dragon toys in a tree

Dragon hunting

Ssshhh, whilst you are on your nature trail, you never know what you may find. Look above with your binoculars, high in the trees and what do you see? Are there hidden dragons or fairies to see? Keep still and they may come down to play and take a flight with you.

A close up of Lucas, hands in the sand

Go to the beach

You may not think of the beach in Autumn or Winter but the ocean air is beautiful no matter what the season. Get your hands into the sand, feel the grains through your fingers and build a castle. Grab some pebbles to skim on the water. Build a boat from twigs and see how far it can go.


Lucas weaving with twigs and leaves

Nature art

Collect leaves and twigs to make a collage. Paint leaves to print onto paper. Draw on rocks and leave for others to find. Weave with twigs and leaves, leave it for others to find and continue the pattern. Find some shelter for rest and write about what you have seen or sketch what you have found.


As with any activity, if you’ve got your waterproofs on and warm layers, there’s no reason you can’t go out and enjoy yourself, whether it’s raining, snowing or just on the cold side x


This is my entry for the Wild about Autumn Blogger Challenge created by AliKats Mountain Holidays and judged by Going Wild authors Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield. Fingers crossed I will win a holiday to Morzine, where my snow activities will come in handy.



#wildaboutautumn Autumn adventures outside for children. Get outside and enjoy some screenfree time having a scavenger hunt or searching for dragons and fairies. Enjoy the beach with the cool air


17 Comments on Autumn adventures

  1. These are some lovely ideas for little games to play! It definitely can feel a lot harder when the weather turns colder but these suggestions are so imaginative. I know my nieces would love them!

  2. I love how you have shared so many interesting things to do with little ones during Autumn even though it might be wet and cold outside. Nature art, walks and trails are our favourite

  3. This all sounds so imaginative! I love nothing more than bundling up warm and getting out in the autumn and I’m an adult! I do love nature art too, tree rubbings are like me favourite thing ever.

  4. My nephew loves going out in nature for little adventures, he even makes little treasure maps for us all to follow x

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