From removing wood fillers and paint to evening up wood pieces and making the finish more easily penetrable, there’s a lot sanding does, and for any DIY enthusiast, it is a must-have tool in their belt.

If you’ve tried sanding before and already have one, or are considering getting your hands on one, remember that choosing the wrong tool can make you regret your decision.

Pick one that suits your needs

One of the most important tips to remember when picking a sander for your projects is to choose according to your needs. For example, orbital sanders work great when it comes to finishing up surfaces of wood, whereas other electric sanders can help remove paint and varnish from your surfaces.

Avoid tilting your sander

This is a golden rule when it comes to sanding. Remember to never tilt your sander. You might want to be bear down on that problem area and work on it faster, but all you’ll actually end up doing is making it even worse. Remember that electric sanders are designed to do just one thing- make flat surfaces smooth. If you try to do anything else using it, you will most probably end up ruining the piece you are working on.


VonHaus e series cordless sander

Focus on the key features

There are a number of important features that make your electric sander an efficient tool for you to use. First, it should ideally be portable and easy to use. The hand grip on the sander should make its use comfortable. Plus, it should also have different speed controls and a trigger lock facility for when you want to leave your hands free.

I personally love using the VonHaus E-series cordless sander.

Suitable for use on wood, plastics and metal, the sander lends a helping hand when working on tight, small or awkward spaces. With a speed of 12000OPM it’s ideal for light to medium weight applications such as fine finishing and paint removal.

The single-handed tool with a rubberised contoured handle allows a firm grip on small and hard-to-reach areas. Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort the compact design ensures you’re closer to the work surface, offering greater control.

Plus, when you buy the bundle, it also comes with a convenient dust collection box, a set of 5 sandpapers for you to use, and has a system that offers easy pad change.

Always finish sanding by hand

Whether you’re upcycling your old furniture or just trying your hands at a woodworking project, remember that to get that perfect finish, you’ll need to finish sanding with your hand. While a lot of electric sanders do their job wonderfully, if you’re a perfectionist at heart, it is best to take this little extra step.


Tips and reasons to get a sander for your home

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